Therionthropy [Shifting] & [Ferocity] & [Metamorph]
I had spent the past few years trying to keep my companion from releasing the full extent of his primal wrath. I had succeeded to an extent, but there were no words to pacify the savage beast after the death of his mate. I had spent years trying to tame that ferocious side of him, to show him the wonders of civilization. It was all for naught as at last the beast inside him he had kept locked away had finally awakened. I pray for the misguided sole of that hunter, he is not long for this world. —Excerpts from St. Adjune the forgiving.

Special: Beastman as a bonus language, Must be Trained in Nature
I – Fury, Talent, If purchased at first level Awakening
II – Fast Healing 3, Talent [Shifting]
III – Damage Reduction +d4/ Silver, Talent
IV – Talent, Talent [Ferocity]
V – Damage Reduction +d4/ Silver, Talent
VI – Talent, Talent [Shifting]
VII – Damage Reduction +d4/ Silver, Talent
VIII – Omniform, Talent [Ferocity]
IX – Talent, Talent
X – The beast that shouted I at the center of the world.

Fury: (Free action) +M to damage. Each time this talent is taken you may use it an additional time per encounter.
Awakening – When bloodied, +1 Speed, Fury deals 2xM damage, + 10 Damage Threshold, -2 Def, Resist Mind Influencing.

As he stood under the moonlight his form seemed to shift. His hair grew longer, his nails sharper. His eyes turned the color of amber and his pupils became narrow slits as he flashed me a toothy grin.

Feral Senses – Gain Scent, and Blood in the Water {Stance} (Cumulative +1 hit when a critical hit is scored.)
Hunting Pack – Allies gain a bonus to hit their target equal to the number of allies adjacent to that target. Req. Feral Senses.
Beast Hide – + 1 Natural Armor, + 2 Con. This talent may be taken a maximum of three times. Req. DR + d4/ Silver.
Survive the Elements – Resist Nature, Water, Wind 5.
Nocturnal – +2 Defense in dimly lit areas. If you’re opponent does not have dark vision in dimly lit areas he suffers a -5 penalty to defense from your attacks.
Fleet of Foot – + 2 Dex, +1 Speed, +1 Shift. This talent may be taken a maximum of 2 times.
Improved Natural Attack – Add another die to the base damage of your natural weapons.
Lean Mean Fighting Machine – +2 Str, +2 Attack vs Elites and Solos. Req. Improved Natural Attack.
Grappler – +3 Grapple, additional +2 for each size category difference.
Improved Grab – You may attempt a grapple as a free action if you hit with a natural weapon. Req. Grappler.
Rake – If you successfully grapple your opponent make two additional attacks with your natural weapons. Req. Grappler.
Proud Roar {Boost, Mind} – Close Burst 10. Con vs Will Success: -M Attack, Defense, and Skills; Failure: half penalties. Req. 3 talents from the Shifting Tree.
Noble Roar {Aura, Mind} – All allies are increase their resistance to the next tier against Fear effects. Req. 3 talents from the Shifting Tree.
Call of the Moon – If Awakening is activated under the moonlight: Ignore negative status effects, DR Silver increases two steps, and you may use a number of points in your reserve pool up to your second wind value as temporary hit points. Req. Awakening.
Animal Empathy – +2 Wisdom. You may bond with animals of your chosen type. If they are initially hostile you may pacify them, if they are indifferent they can become allies.

When he fought he more closely resembled a beast than a man. There was a savage ferocity in the way he fought but also a simple elegance. To him, this was simply the way of the world.

Fury: (Free action) +M to damage. Each time this talent is taken you may use it an additional time per encounter.
Sudden Leap {Counter} – As an immediate reaction you may make a jump action and move that distance.
Dancing Mongoose {Boost}- Gain an additional attack per hand at no additional penalty. Req. Sudden Leap, Fury.
Pounce – If you’re target is flatfooted or you’re initiative is 10 points higher than theirs you may make a full attack at the end of a charge with the penalties for multiple attacks reduced by 10. Req. Dancing Mongoose.
Howling Bite – You strike with swift ferocity, increase the critical threat range of your attacks by 2 (not subject to doubling). Add one die of damage to Natural weapons used this turn. Add the Lunar keyword to your attacks.
Ferocious Wolverine {Stance} – You may use weapons in a grapple without penalty. In addition, if you are grappling by a larger opponent deal two extra dice of damage on all attacks against them. Req. Furyx2 or Howling Bite.
Fountain of Blood {Boost} – When you drop a target you may activate this power causing a fountain of blood to erupt from their body. Close Burst 5, Intimidate vs Will, Success: All non-elite/solos being fleeing. Req. Furyx2, Howling Bite.
Girallion Windmill Ripper (Boost) – Deal bonus rend damage based on a number of successful attacks per target. 2: 6d6, 3: 8d6, 4: 10d6, 5:12d6, etc. Req. Fountain of Blood, Omniform.
Feral Death Blow – Strike on hit make an additional attack vs Fort, Success: Target takes it’s bloodied value in damage. Failure or already bloodied: Deal +STRd6 bonus damage. Req. Furyx3, Omniform.

In our travels we encountered all kinds of fools and hunters who sought to end the menace that lingers in minds of irrational men with a silver tipped blade. I regret I was only able to enlighten a few of them, there were so many that fell to the fury of furs and claws. There was however one hunter, more skilled and adamant in his convictions than the rest. He had brewed a special concoction, a quicksilver poison meant to kill my companion in the most dreadfully painful way possible. He succeeded with the latter but my companion somehow emerged stronger from the ordeal. Not only that but his entire body seemed to change as if mimicing the properties of that quicksilver draught. I pray that this toxin only transformed my companions body and left his mind sane.

Special – All Metamorph talents have Quicksilver Infusion as a requirement.
Quicksilver Infusion – DR Silver increases to d6’s. Gain vulnerability Silver 5, in exchange damage dealt by a silver weapon is an alternate trigger for Awakening.
Weaponize {Boost} – Damage done by natural weapons improves by one damage category for the duration of the scene.
Flashmorph – + 1 Reach, + 2 Critical Threat Range for Natural Weapons. Req. Weaponize.
Ravenous Metabolism – Fast Healing + 2, 2 Con. Req. Fast Healing.
Unearthly Healing – Your Fast Healing is replaced by Regeneration of the same amount. Req. Ravenous Metabolism.
Inhuman Physique – + 4 Physical Stat of choice.
Altered Anatomy – Immunity to critical hits. Req. Inhuman Physique.
Lightning Recovery {Counter} – Immediately reroll a miss with a + 2 to the roll while using Fury. Req. Fury
Flash Sword – Alternate attack when using fury: Dex
Wis vs Ref after each successful attack make another attack at a -5 penalty. Keep going until you miss or have reached 5 attacks. Req. Lightning Recovery, Altered Anatomy, Fury.
Ripple Blade – Alternate attack when using fury: Str vs Fort-5 Success: Ignore hardness and halve physical DR, target takes ongoing 15 bleeding damage. Req. Lighting Recovery, Altered Anatomy, Fury.
Rapid Adaptation – Gain Resistance 10 to the last damage type inflicted on you. Req. Omniform.
Extinction Trumping Form – Req. Omniform, Rapid Adaptation.


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