//Since the majority of combats will be against non-heroics in large quantities we’re going to spice things up a bit with the ‘No man is an army’ rule. Each attack after the first adds a cumulative -1 to the targets defense, this penalty disappears at the start of the targets next turn.
Jedi – Samurai Certain selection of Force Powers
Variant: Monk/Shugenja; Exchange Lightsaber Prof for Force Training, Different selection of Force Powers
Soldier – Battlemaster
Variant: Sohei; Trade Armor Specialist tree for Berserker tree, Lose Prof. Pistols/Rifles Gain Force Sensitivity, Prof. Vibroweapons

Scout – Ninja, Gain Demolitionist from Soldier’s commando tree and Sneak Attack from Scoundrel Tree
Scoundrel – Yakuza, Sneak attack is +2d6 per talent
Noble – Ambassador, Daimyo, Warleader

Credit = Mon 1 credit, Ryo = 1000 Credits
//Consider making Heavy Weapon Proficiency Melee
Lightsaber = Katana crafted from the legendary Damascus steel
Vibro-x = Well made Katana, Power packs symbolize repair and maintenance costs
Force Pike = Naginata (Add reach)
Vibroax = Warhammer (Dai Tsuchi/Ono)
Shyarn – Lodestone blade
Fira – Cane Sword
Arg’garok – Tetsubo (Large studded metal club)
Zhaboka – Lajatang
Lightfoil – Bladed chain (Chijiriki)
Warsword – Poorly made Katana
Pistols = Throwing Knives
Rifles = Bow and Arrow
Bowcaster = Rifle
Needler – Accupuncture Needles
Ripper – Shurikens
Heavy Pistols – Fuma Shurikens

Use the Force = Use Technique
Force Powers —> Secret Techniques (Hisatsu)
Samurai (Martial)
Battle strike = Iajutsu (sword draw)
Negate Energy – Broken into Blade Grasp (Melee) and Deflect Missile (Ranged)
Most ranged powers become melee powers
Force stun = Hilt thrust
Force Grip = Blade pressed against Neck
Force Scream

Monk/Shugenja (Mystical)
Force Slam/Whirlwind/Lightning/Thrust
Mind Trick
Move Object
Negate Element
Sever Force
Vital Transfer
Force Whirlwind
Resist Force

Dark Side Points —> Dishonor Points
Dishonorable Actions:
Striking down an unarmed man,
Ganging up on an opponent (non Oni),
Disobeying a direct order from a superior,
Breaking your word/oath,

Clans: Give bonuses to skills/forcepowers offer bonus feats/skill trainings you wouldn’t otherwise have

Crab – School Talent: Reduce all damage by 2 when wearing medium or heavy armor. +3 Force Power: Force Stun, Resist Force
Bonus Feats: Armor Prof. (All), Power Attack, Cleave, Extra Second Wind, Great Cleave, Mighty Swing, Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Skill Training [Climb, Endurance, Survival, Swim], Skill Focus [Survival, Swim]
Kotor: Conditioning,Republic Military Training

Crane – School Talent: In any round you draw a Melee weapon deal an extra die of damage with that weapon. +5 Force Power: Battle Strike.
Bonus Feats: Acrobatic Strike, Dodge, Mobility, Improved Disarm, Melee Defense, Quick Draw, Rapid Strike, Skill Training [Acrobatics, Endurance, Initiative, Persuasion], Skill Focus [Acrobatics, Initiative] Weapon Finesse
Kotor: Flurry, Tumble Defense

Dragon – School Talent: Once per day Penalties from the condition track are instead added to your use the force check for this round. +3 Force powers: Force Whirldwind, Negate Element
Bonus Feats: Crush, Dual Weapon Mastery I,II,III, Improved Damage Threshold, Linguist, Martial Arts I,II,III, Pin, Throw, Trip, Skill Training [Climb, Deception, Endurance, Knowledge], Skill Focus [Endurance, Knowledge]
Kotor: Echani Training, Poison Resistance

Lion – School Talent: Allies adjacent to you receive a +1 to Hit (Morale). +3 Force Powers: Force Scream, Fear.
Bonus Feats: Bantha Rush, Coordinate Attack, Dreadful Rage, Extra Rage, Rage, Extra Second Wind, Shake it Off, Skill Training [Deception, Perception, Initiative, Jump], Skill Focus [Perception, Jump], Toughness
Kotor: Logic Upgrade: Tactician, Withdrawal Strike

Phoenix – School Talent: Spending a force point on a Light Side Power counts as a Destiny Point. You may not spend force points on Darkside Powers. +3 Force Powers: Rebuke, Vital Transfer.
Bonus Feats: Force Boon, Improved Defenses, Improved Damage Threshold, Melee Defense, Skill Training [Endurance, Knowledge, Persuasion, Treat Injury], Skill Focus [Endurance, Treat Injury], Strong in the Force, Surgical Expertise, Toughness, Whirlwind Attack
Kotor: Force Readiness, Logic Upgrade: Self Defense

Scorpion – School Talent: If you push a flat footed target down one step on the condition track push them an additional step. +3 Force Powers: Wound, Force Grip
Bonus Feats: Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Dead Eye, Rapid Shot, Quick draw, Sniper, Skill Focus [Deception, Stealth], Skill Training [Acrobatics, Deception, Knowledge, Stealth], Triple Critical
Kotor: Critical Strike, Sith Military Training

Unicorn – School Talent: At the end of a mounted charge if you pushed the target one step down the condition track they move an additional step down. +3 Force Powers: Surge, Valor.
Bonus Feats: Careful Shot, Charging Fire, Far Shot, Improved Charge, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Powerful Charge, Running Attack, Skill Focus [Persuasion, Ride], Skill Training [Persuasion, Jump, Ride, Treat Injury], Vehicular Combat
Kotor: Mandalorian Training, Sniper Shot


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