//Do short glossary before Char creation to familiarize players with any new terms
Interrupt – An interrupt is an ability that can be used at any point in time that completely interrupts the flow of action. An interrupt can be used in response to another action and has the benefit of happening before that action. Normally you may only use one interrupt per round.
Reaction – A reaction is an ability you perform in reaction to another action. It is similar to an interrupt but it occurs after the triggering action has transpired. Normally you may only use one reaction per character’s turn.

Look here when you see an unfamiliar term.

Encounter / Scene – Term referring to a specific set of time where coherant events happen. Examples include Combat, Skill challenge, Chase scenes, negotions, travelling, Researching etc.
Defense(s) refers to Fortitude, Reflex and Will.
A Saving Throw refers to a d20 roll made at the end of each turn to negate persistent effects. A roll of 10 or higher indicates success.
OA = Opportunity attack or attack of opportunity.
Damage Reduction/Resistance – Reduces damage by a certain amount, either a static value in the case of most elemental resistances or variable in the case of physical reduction through armor. Of special importance, if your damage reducing capabilities are large enough such that the incoming damage is reduced to zero or lower you suffer no other ill effects of the attack. I.e. you are stabbed with a poison dagger that will cause you to take ongoing damage and receive a penalty to your Will defense, however you’re fullplate mail armor reduces the damage to zero so you suffer absolutely no ill effects.
Penetrate – The amount of which you ignore Damage reduction/resistance
//Incorporeal is just Penetrate Physical All
Vulnerable (x) – Takes extra damage equal to X when hit with an attack containing X’s keyword. I.e. Fire, Water, Slashing, Gaia, Mental, etc.
Maneuvers: Strike, Boost, or Counter
Strike: Standard Action
Boost: Swift Action
Counter: Immediate reaction
//Might want to consider 4e’s Reaction/Interrupt clarification
Stance: Swift action to switch.
Aura’s have a radius of 6 squares (30ft). Unless otherwise noted you may only have one Stance and one Aura active at any time. Changing Aura’s is a swift action.
Solar – Inclusive of Radiant, Fire, Air.
Lunar – Inclusive of Shadow, Water(Ice), Sound.
Gaia – Inclusive of Nature (Poison + Acid), Earth (Metal), Lightning.
Regeneration – Amount of HP you regain at the end of your turn.
Status Conditions – Almost always save ends. Exceptions are encounter/scene long.
Continuous damage (x) – Take that amount of damage at the beginning of your turn. (Save ends)
Weakened – Deal half damage.
Blinded – 50% miss chance.
Grappled – Cannot do anything besides grapple until you free yourself. You may make a grapple check to free yourself or to gain the upper hand against your opponent such as pinning him.
Bonus Dice – Bonus dice are defined as any additional damage dice added onto the weapon’s base damage dice. These dice are not multiplied on a critical hit.
Enhancement – Rating of how powerful the magic is in your weapon, implement, armor or shield. Armor is penetrated by magic weapons of a higher enhancement than than the armor. I.e a +2 weapon will penetrate +1 armor but a +1 weapon will not.
Defender wins the tie – Anytime two compared numbers are equal the defender wins the tie. I.e. Bluff vs Sense Motive, Attack vs Defense.
[W] – The weapons base damage. A greatsword has a base damage of 2d6, a longsword has a base damage of 1d8.

Abilities marked in Red have their uses refreshed after an encounter. Those marked Blue are refreshed after an extended rest (Daily). Purple stands for passive abilities, Orange – is for Aura’s and Green can be used indefinitely (At-will).

Knockback/knockdown: The advantage besides knocking people around is that if the target was attempting to concentrate to maintain some sort of ability you just broke it.
Fast Healing – You gain this amount of reserve points each round.
Regeneration – Similar to Fast healing except you gain HP AND Reserve points.
Reserve – A number of points equal to your maximum HP that reflects your characters boundless reserves of energy, they are primarily used for healing or fueling certain abilities. Outside of the second wind action you may use Reserve to heal yourself outside of combat. You may transfer a number of points equal to your Level + Con score each hour or higher with a successful heal check.
Second Wind – Daily ability used primarily in combat. As a standard action you may transfer any number of reserve points up to your bloodied value into your HP pool.
Splash Damage – Deal damage to surrounding squares equal to half the damage dealt to the original target.
Stunned – Cannot take any actions (Save ends).
Slowed – Movement set to 2.
Immobilized – Cannot take move actions.
Marked – Target takes a -2 attacks if he attacks anyone besides the person who marked him.

//Don’t get hung up on keywords, keep it simple and sweet
New smaller List:
Type of action: Boost, Counter, Strike, Bloodied (can only use when)
//Why not just use Standard, Move, Swift, Immediate?
//re: Bind Legs uses Seal(Boost), not really a better term for that
//re: Seal(Swift), they lose an action and if they want to use any swift action abilities they have to sacrifice a move action. Seems fair.
Use with it: Weapon, Implement (counts as a spell)

Effect: Close, Ranged, Area, Grapple
Damage it Deals: Physical, Elemental (Origin/Variable), Mental, Force, (Un)Holy (+[w] against creatures of the evil type {demons, undead, etc})
Persistent: Warding (Defensive, Slap on Allies), Enchantment (Slap on enemies, Modification, control/charm), Summoning, Illusion, Zone
Status Effects: Bind, Vulnerability, Ongoing
Support Effects: Dispel (Remove status effects), Healing, Raise, Penetrate (Ignore Resistance), Incorporeal (Ignore Armor), Reliable (keep power on a miss)
//Is it necessary to separate Healing and Raise, since healing a fallen character in battle puts them back on their feet. Raise would only be necessary for reviving dead characters. With Revenance it could be Healing keyword but say only to fallen creatures in the description without need for the Raise as another keyword.

Other: Shapeshift

Old List:


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