A novice studies a hundred years of war, a seasoned Centurion can fight a hundred men and a legendary Centurion can turn a 100 men into an unstoppable force.

World Archetypes: Guardian, Phalanx, Templar, Knight of the Realm, General, Bodyguard, Praetorian

Hit die: d12; Skills: 2 + Kno, Free Training in Alchemy
Class Skills: Alchemy, Athletics, History, Weapon Proficiency

Class Bonus to Defense: +2 Fort +1 Block. At 10th +4 Fort +2 Block and +6 Fort +3 Block at 20th level.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Centurion is proficient with all Armor and Shields. Mace, Axe/Hammer, Polearm, Straight Sword, and Firearms.

Feat Trees: -1 Armor, +0 Tactics, +1 Power, +2 Other Point Costs
Primary Stat: Vigor. Secondary stats: Charisma, Knowledge.

Level 1 – Personalized Armor, Hunker Down, Armor I
Level 3 – Beacon of Battle, Armor II
Level 5 – Reinforce, Sentries Vigil
Level 7 – Grin and Bear it, Armor IV
Level 9 – Reforged Armor, Ironhide
Level 11 – Horde Breaker, Armor VI
Level 13 – Stoic Sentinel, Blockade
Level 15 – Battering Ram, Armor VII
Level 17 – Seize the Day, Bastion against the Rising Tide of Chaos
Level 19 – Second Skin, Armor X

Personalized Armor – The Centurion wear a suit of armor they have personally crafted and custom tailored to suit their purposes. The Centurion may take common Alchemical oils and apply them to the armor to gain resistance to that element and deal their armor’s die of that elements damage when grappling.
In addition the Centurion’s intimate knowledge of armor gives them an edge in finding weak points in the armor of their foes. The Centurion reduces Damage reduction against their attacks equal to their Knowledge modifier. Lastly, the armor also functions as a basic offense substituting the Armor’s DR die for unarmed damage and carries the alchemical keyword.

Hunker Down (Quick, Stance) – The Centurion assumes the stance of many a warrior before them ready to bear an incoming onslaught. When using Hunker Down all adjacent squares to the Centurion are treated as difficult terrain. In addition the Centurion gains a damage buffer equal to their Vigor score until the end of the round. So long as the buffer is in effect the Centurion cannot be knocked prone, affected with ongoing elemental damage, and the stunned condition renders them dazed instead. You must decide to use Hunker Down before you move for the round. Using Hunker Down prevents any further movement on your turn.

Beacon of Battle – The Centurion is an unmistakable sight on the battlefield drawing in both the foolish and the brave. Any minion with a Will save lower than the Centurion’s Level plus his Charisma modifier must target or move towards the Centurion. Additionally the Centurion can single out one target at the start of a round to make a Cha vs Will save. If they fail the save they must target or move towards the Centurion.
//Treat it as an Aura, much easier

Reinforce (Quick) – You may bolster your or an allies defenses increasing your Armor DR by your Knowledge modifier and converting Stamina up to a number of HP equal to your Charisma Score plus your Level.

Sentries Vigil (Stance) – The Centurion may intercept ranged attacks and enemies flanking allies. As an enemy moves into a flanking position with an ally you may either take a ranged OA or if you have sufficient moment remaining, charge the target and push them back a square as you occupy the spot they were moving into. You may also intercept any ranged or magic attacks against any ally within range of your remaining movement. If you do so when using hunker down you halve any area of effect damage against allies.

Grin and Bear it – When you receive damage make a Will Save to convert it to fatigue damage. If your Stamina runs out then excess damage is applied to HP. While bloodied increase your Armor’s DR and reduce any direct to Wounds damage by your Vigor modifier.

Reforged Armor – Add an additional die to your armor’s damage reduction. Whenever your armor would be bypassed, such as by a magic weapon, the armor instead functions at one-half effectiveness.

Ironhide – When your armor absorbs all of the damage dealt regain Stamina equal to the damage absorbed and the attacker loses an equal amount of Stamina. If they are in melee range make an OA that is either an Unarmed strike and Fatigues the target (Fort Save ends) or a Combat Maneuver.

Horde Breaker {Stance} – The Centurion receives a bonus to attack equal to the number of adjacent minions. Anytime the Centurion defeats a minion all other minions within 6 squares may charge or move towards the Centurion. The Centurion also receives a cover bonus to defense equal to their Knowledge modifier whenever adjacent to a minion, if an attack would miss them due to cover the Minion takes the hit instead. Lastly, whenever the Centurion charges he may move through any squares occupied by minions to reach his destination. The minions he moves through must make a Fortitude Save. Success indicates they latch on and are dragged with the Centurion, a failure indicates they are trampled and knocked prone.

Stoic Sentinel – You cannot be surprised outside of the surprise round. When an opponent attempts to utilize a surprise attack or if your armor absorbs all damage of a critical hit make a Surprise Opportunity Attack that Binds their Arms.

Blockade {Stance} – You can make an OA against any adjacent target shifting or withdrawing. You may also make a charging IA against anyone making ranged attack or spell casting within range of your remaining movement.

Battering Ram – You’ve learned to maximize throwing the weight of your armor around. When charging you can attack, knockdown (Resist: Fort) and move through each target until you reach the end of your move. While charging targets cannot use their guard defense and you bypass all damage reduction.

Seize the day – Sacrifice your action to give all allies with CHA squares an extra action. Whenever you charge any ally within CHA squares can charge with you.

Bastion against the Rising Tide of Chaos – When your class abilities enables you to make an OA you may make a Multi-attack as part of the OA and you do not suffer the standard penalties for using a Multi-attack. In addition whenever an enemy attacks an ally make an OA as an interrupt.

Second Skin – Your armor provides full protection whenever it would be bypassed. You do not suffer speed or armor check penalties from your armor and may freely sleep in it. May apply Agi to dodge as well.

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