All the DR’s are overcome by a magic weapon of a greater enhancement.
Armor affects the way stats add to your active Dodge defense. While wearing light armor you add your AGI mod. For Medium you add one half AGI mod. For heavy you do not add Ago to Dodge. While unarmored you gain AGI + 2 to Dodge defense.

Name DR Speed Armor Check Weight Vigor Req. Price Special
Padded 1 0 0 5 - 1G Clothing
Leather d4 0 0 10 8 5G Clothing, Utility
Brigadine d4 0 -1 20 11 10G Clothing, +d6 DR vs Sneak Attack
Hide d6 0 -1 20 10 15G Clothing
Chain d8 -1 -3 30 12 25G Maximized vs Piercing
Scale d8 -1 -3 35 13 25G Maximized vs Bludgeoning
Breast Plate d8 0 -3 25 12 30G Agility as a Light Armor
Lamellar d10 -2 -5 45 16 55G Maximized vs Slashing
Plate d12 -2 -5 55 17 75G +1d12 DR vs Crits, +2d6 DR vs Sneak Attack

Padded Armor: Worn by anyone and the only garb Arcanists are trained to wear. Padded armor can take many shapes, from flowing wizard robes to decorated kimonos to ornate ceremonial garb.
Leather Armor: Favored by dashing Rogues everywhere. Leather is prized for it’s ability to provide decent protection without hindering the movements of the wearer.
Brigadine: The foot soldiers armor is cloth armor with metal plates riveted in between provided additional protect without hampering battlefield mobility. The non-standardized construction of the armor makes it impossible for opponents to memorize this armors vulnerable spots. It is the favored armor of Man-at-arms that either can’t afford heavier armor or wish to rely on their swiftness.
Hide: The preferred armor of Barbarians Hide armor is made from the hide of the slain beasts. The more dangerous the beast the more respect it’s wearer receives.
Chain Mail: The most common armor on the continent, Chain mail is the armorers answer to the many spear and pikeman of conventional armies. Interlocking chain rings make it difficult for a piercing weapon to find it’s way towards the wearers vitals.
Scale Mail: The iconic Dragon Slayers armor, formed from layers of scales generally metal although a lucky few are fortunate to have the scales of a dragon. The armor is adept at turning aside bludgeoning weapons such as the ever common mace.
Breast Plate: Standard issue in the Hobgoblin military the breast plate provides ample protection to the vitals without hampering battlefield movement.
Lamellar: Created on the island of Samurai this armor gained widespread popularity in the Hobgoblin armies as a successor to Scale mail. The armor consisting of lacquered parallel plates is adept at causing slashing weapons to skim across it rather than deal any significant damage. Frequently used by Heavy Calvary and Charioteers.
Plate Mail: The most protection money can buy. Plate mail not only offers the best standalone protection but the extreme attention to detail covering nearly every vital spot on the wearer with hardened metal plates diminishes even the most devastating critical or sneak attack.

Name Defense Bonus Armor Check Weight STR Req. Price Special
Badass Scarf +0 0 1 - 1G Clothing
Buckler +1 -1 3 8 5G Hands-free, Non-Ablative
Battle Cape +1 -2 7 11 5G Military Clothing
Aspis Shield +2 -2 10 12 10G Can still hold small items
War Cape +2 -3 10 14 10G Leadership Symbol
Kite Shield +3 -3 15 15 20G Shield Bash d6
Tower Shield Cover +5 -5 25 16 35G Awkward, Heavy

Note: Capes provide a bonus Dodge. Shields provide a bonus to Guard. Shields are ablative and can be sacrificed to negate a non-critical hit. Doing so destroys the shield unless it is magical (10% chance per enchantment level) and/or you have the appropriate shield feats.

The Tower Shield provides a cover bonus to defense. Two people can take cover behind the tower shield granting them each a +5 passive bonus to reflex and Area effect attacks automatically apply the miss effect. If one person is holding the shield they take a -3 penalty to attack, if both people are holding the shield in their off hand they each take a -1 penalty to attack. This penalty can be avoided if those wielding the shield are using a light weapon.
One person may take total cover behind a tower shield in place of an attack action, it absorbs any damage they would take to a maximum of 20 damage before it splinters and breaks. You may obtain a tower shield made of Mithril, it can absorb 30 points of damage and negates all damage less than 10.
Awkward – Buckler: -1 to hit if you’re offhand weapon is not light for TWF.
Heavy – When using this you count as wearing heavy armor when calculating Dodge defense.

Each level of Masterworking decreases Armor check by 1. If armor check cannot be decreased any lower than decrease the required strength value by one.

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