Smite {Radiant, Weapon, Weakness} – Add M to Radiant damage and the target gains Vulnerability Radiant 5 (Save ends). Each additional time this talent is selected nets you an additional use per encounter.
Charging smite – 2xM on a charge(becomes x3 and so on with other doubling effects). Req. Smite. Gain an additional use of Smite.
Awesome Smite {Forced Movement} – Your smites have the secondary effect on a hit Str or Con vs Fort, Success: Weakened & knocked prone; Failure: You push them a number of squares = Con. Req. Smite.
Cataclysmic Smite {Radiant, Holy, Weapon, Bind, Dispel} – 2xM Rad Smite damage (3x when charging), Penetrate Physical DR 10 and Hardness. On hit – Con vs Fort Success: Stunned (Head Bind -2), Failure: Dazed; and Wis vs Will Success: All Wards are Sealed. Failure: All Wards are Dispelled. Req. Charging Smite, Awesome Smite.
The skies darken as you bring your blade to bear, the Earth is sundered in the wake of your swing, and protection both physical and magical alike ripple away before you. You are favored by the Gods.
Retribution – Gain a damage bonus equal to half the damage received by you or an ally in the previous round. Applies only to Smites. Req. Smite.
Bless Weapon {Boost, Holy, Spell, Weapon} – Weapon gains the Holy keyword. In addition you automatically confirm all critical hits.
Holy Sword link {Boost, Holy, Radiant, Spell, Weapon} Req. Bless Weapon, Divine Grace.

Piety {Faith, Ward} – Allies gain Resist Faith equal to M + Wis. Req. Divine Grace.
Be my Mirror my Sword and Shield {Faith, Ward, Weakness} – Close Burst 10; All allies within range gain Temporary HP equal to their Resist Faith value. All enemies gain vulnerable Faith 10 until end of encounter. Req. Piety.
Chastity – Immunity to Enchantments. Req. Piety.
Knockin on Heaven’s Door {Counter, Raise} Spend a fate point to turn your dying saving throw into a natural twenty.
Revenance {Healing, Raise} – Revives a number of fallen characters equal to your wisdom with 10+Cha mod HP for the duration of the scene. Req. LoH 1:2.
Sanctuary {Ward, Spell} – Choose an ally within line of sight, so long as they do not attack or otherwise hostile actions they add your Wis to their defense for the duration of the scene.
Glorious – Take 10 on attack rolls, ignore DR/Epic. Allies add your Cha to their damage rolls. Req. 3 talents from Faith.
Let the Heavens Open Wide {Faith, Radiant, Spell, Implement} – Close Burst 10, Area is Brightly Illuminated, Extraplanar creatures take 20 +Cha Radiant Damage, Evil Creatures take 10 +Wis Faith damage.
Undead Hunter – +2 hit vs Undead creatures.
Undead Dismemberment {Mortal Wound} – Against an Undead creature, Str or Wis vs Fort, Success: Target is bloodied. Failure or already bloodied: +Wis[W].
Burial Rites {Death, Mortal Wound, Holy} – You consecrate the graves of the dead making sure they do not rise as undead and those that have return to the Earth. Area/* Number of graves affected Blast M: Any undead less than your level are destroyed and any equal to your level or greater receive your bloodied value in damage. Req. Undead Slayer.

Panacean Touch {Remedy, Healing} (Su)
Whenever a paladin expends at least 10 points of healing for lay on hands she may remove afflictions from any person she touches. Whenever she spends at least 10 points of healing she may remove a number of ongoing damage effects, bindings and/or weaknesses equal to her Wisdom modifier from any person she touches. This is in addition to hit points restored. Req. Divine Health.
Revitalizing Touch {Healing, Reserve} (Su) Half the HP you heal with LoH is added onto the targets reserve pool, does not affect you.
Break Enchantments {Dispel} – Remove all enchantment and sealing effects on the target. Req. Panacean or Revitalizing Touch.
Vitality {Ward} – 1/round, Have an opponent reroll his attack targeting Fort with a +Con to the targets Fort defense.
It is said that a Paladins Vitality is legendary, and that he may even use it to protect his allies.
Unwavering Belief {Counter} – Resist All: Con, until the end of your next turn. Req. Vitality.
Persevere {Counter} {Healing, Raise} – When you are reduced to zero hp or fewer you may immediately use lay on hands and replenish your reserve pool to full in any order. Req. Revitalizing Touch & either Unwavering Belief or Courage.
Special Mount {Summon} – Gain a mount, they have the same defenses and saving throws as you do and have your bloodied value in HP. You may apply any effect targeted at you to apply to your mount as well. Req. Divine Grace, Divine Health. Charger – Extra die of damage when attacking. -> Pegasus or Asperii
Great cat Pounce – Full attack at end of charge in first round of combat. -> Dire or Kirin. Felldrake -> Dragon. Giant Owl/Eagle -> Phoenix. Searaptor -> Godzilla w/ Dragonzord flute.
Improved Special Mount – Think epic scale, like a Dragon, Kirin, or Phoenix. Those without the Special Mount ability will have to settle for something less grand in scale. Req. Special Mount, Break Enchantments, Courage.
Spectral Chariot {Summon, Incorporeal} – When summoning your mount you may choose to bring with it a chariot composed of aether on which you and one to two other allies may ride in. If there are only two people in the chariot they may attack normally, otherwise they suffer a -2 to attack rolls. Req. Special Mount.

Vassal of Bahamut / Ladon
[Dragon Slayer]
Dragon Hunter {Concealment} – You are invisible to detection methods such as Blindsight, Tremorsense, Scrying, and Treasure sense of Draconic creatures.
Earthbound {Range, Weapon, Wind, Seal} – Range 10 Dex vs Fort, Success: 2d8 +Dex & Dragonkind aerial movement is sealed (Save ends). Your masterful slice leaves a vacuum blade in it’s wake rending the beasts wings and nullifying it’s aerial combat.
Pierce Scales {Penetrate} – Penetrate Physical against Dragons and Reptiles = Dex
Dragon Smite {Weapon, Bind} – You deal extra damage on a Smite equal to your constitution modifier and you may attempt to bind. If you possess no other smiting abilities then this effect is usable once per encounter. If you do possess smiting abilities then this effect is added on to every normal smite you make.
Dragon Slaying Stroke {Weapon, Mortal Wound} – Hit with Dragon Smite, secondary effect: Str or Con vs Fort Success: Bloodied. Failure or already bloodied: +Con[W] damage. Req. Dragon Smite, Pierce Scales.

[Draco Rex]
Shared Trove (+100 Platinum for every Ex purchased after this one, +50 for all before this purchase). If you choose to give away all money received this way to charity you increase your armors enhancement bonus by one.
Reinforced Platinum Scales – Increase Enhancement by one and 1d12/ magic & Add Con to DR from Sneak Attacks and Critical Hits, Armor check penalty increased to -2.
Platinum armor transcendence – Increase Enhancement by 2, Gains Glammer ability, Breath Weapons use the miss effect and auto-succeed on saving throws against them, DR increases to 1d20 vs Evil Dragonkind, Max Dex +6, No armor check penalty. Req. Reinforced Platinum Scales, Shared Trove.
Dragon Senses – Low light, Dark Vision, Blind Sight, Detect Magic
Imperious Aura {Morale, Ward} – Resist Morale 10. +1 Success with social skills vs Dragonkind. Dragonkind attempting to attack you or allies within 6 squares take Cha Morale damage and receive a penalty on their attacks equal to your charisma bonus.
Dragon Wrack {Weapon} – Dragons who survive a battle with a Vassal of Bahamut bare terrible permanent scars. Deal 2[W] extra damage vs Dragons and Lizards. +Thorns: When a dragon or lizard hits you with a natural weapon you may deal immediate unpreventable damage to them equal to to a roll of your Armor’s DR value. Each additional Purchase adds another die to your DR for the purpose of Thorns and 2[W] extra damage to Wrack. This may be taken a maximum of three times.

Fortuitous – +1 Fort, +1 HP a lvl.
Tough as NailsDR 2/-, +5 Damage Threshold. Req. Fortuitous.
Recover – Regain 1/2 Reserve Pool and a Second Wind use. Req. Tough as Nails.
Brawler – +1 Melee attacks and damage, +1 Speed.
Hand is Quicker than the Eye – Gain an extra standard action this round. Req. Brawler.
Reprisal – Make an OA against someone who hit you in melee combat. Req. Hand is Quicker than the Eye.
Indomitable – You may spend a swift action to move one step up the C.T.
Juggernaut – Whenever you would move one step down the C.T. move one step less. Req. Indomitable.
Dreadnought – Knockdown immunity. Second wind addition, set C.T. to zero. Req. Juggernaut.
Agile – +1 Ref, extra swift action.
Honed Reflexes – If an action normally requires a move it now requires a swift. Req. Agile.
Argonaut – Bloodied: If an action normally requires a standard it now requires a move. Req. Honed Reflexes.

Tenacious {Counter} – When an attack would deal your bloodied value or greater you may spend a fate point to reduce the damage to 1. Req. Guts.
Eureka! {Boost} – Spend a fate point to add +5 to an allies next skill in a skill challenge. Req. Brilliance.
In the nick of time – Extend skill challenges with a time limit by a number of rounds equal to M.
Symbol of Hope – +1 Morale to Saving throws and Will. Regen Reserve 2.
Unity – Teamwork benefits.
Combination Technique – Req. Unity
Pierce wards – Ignore any wards the enemy has in effect this round.
Flicker of Destiny – Gain a temporary fate point each encounter. Req. Young boy become a legend!
Savior – You may attempt to intercept an attack to an ally within range of your remaining movement. Make a saving throw, Success: You get there and take the attack in place of them, afterward you gain an additional use of the second wind ability which can be used immediately. Failure: As Success but the attack auto-hits you for full damage.
Guardian – + 1 to hit when an ally is bloodied. + 5 if three or more allies are bloodied. Resets when an ally drops to 0 or lower. Req. Savior. There isn’t only one thing I want to protect. Everything which matters to me, I’ll protect at the cost of my life.
No Limit – +6 to a single stat scene long, add full level to damage. Req. Transcendant Hero.

Legacy Weapon
Mortal Coil {Bloodied, Origin} – When bloodied your weapon deals +2[W] extra damage and adds any of your Origins as Elemental Keywords.
God Slayer – +5 damage to extraplanar creatures. The weapons gained this title from the mythical days of old when a God would die during Ragnarok leaving behind a Diviner for a Grim Angel to wield against fell demons.
Resonance {Seal} – Any weapon you strike with your Diviner that is of a lower enhancement than your own AND not a Diviner itself, must make a saving throw or be rendered inert for the encounter. Spend a fate point and the weapon is sundered. When two Diviners clash in this way, the owners are stunned and the Diviners are unable to function for the rest of the scene.

Increase Enhancement – +1 to enhancement. This talent may only be purchased on an expansion that does not already include a +1 to enhancement.
Basic property – Tier 1 Property.
Enhance Property – Property upgrades to the second tier. Req. Basic Property.
Pinnacle Property – Your property selected attains the final tier (Vorpal, Finisher, Brilliant Energy etc.) Req. Enhance Property, and Legendary Artifact.
Tier 1
Keen – Increase Critical Threat Range by weapons base range. I.e. 19-20/x2 increase by 2, 18-20 increases by 3. Upgrades to Sharpness.
Elemental – Choose one of your Origin Elements, add that keyword to the weapons damage type. In addition, deal an extra die of damage. Upgrades to Elemental Burst or Triumphing.
Defending – Your weapons enhancement bonus may be applied to your defense instead of attack rolls. Upgrades to Reprising.
Ghost Touch – You suffer no penalty for fighting incorporeal creatures. In addition you negate any Wards with the Force descriptor. Upgrades to Ethereal.
Deadly – On a critical hit deal d12 instead of d6’s for each enhancement bonus. Upgrades to Bane.
Blur – Targets suffer a -2 to defense from your attacks. Upgrades to Mighty Cleaving.
Shining – Damage gains Radiant Descriptor. +2 hit vs Extra Planar and Undead creatures of a level higher than yours. Upgrades to Banishing.
Umbral – Damage gains Shadow Descriptor. +2 hit vs Living Mortal creatures of a level lower than yours. Upgrades to Wounding.
Living – Damage gains Nature Descriptor. Increase the weapons enhancement by one each time you critical hit a living target. Upgrades to Flourishing.
Throwing – You may throw this weapon at a range of 2 at no penalty, it returns to you at the end of the round. Upgrades to Whirling.

Tier 2
Sharpness – Targets damage threshold is cut in half. On a critical hit the target is weakened. Upgrades to Vorpal.
Elemental Burst – Additional Elemental effect on critical hits. Frost – Slows movement (Leg Bind), Fire – Ignites target, Acid – Decreases DR, Lightning – Arcs to other targets, Sound – Deafens (Head Bind), Earth – Knockdown, Metal – Additional Attack, Water – Nullify an Effect (you or target), Air – Knockback & falling damage, Nature – Target takes ongoing poison damage. Upgrades to Elemental Finisher.
Reprising – You may make an OA against an opponent that missed you in melee combat with your Legacy Weapon. Upgrades to Dancing.
Ethereal – Ignore the targets active defensive bonuses. Upgrades to Brilliant Energy.
Bane – Choose a creature type at the start of combat. Against that creature type your weapons enhancement bonus and critical threat range increases by 2. Upgrades to Slaying.
Mighty Cleaving – If each attack you make this round is towards a different target the penalty for multiple attacks is reduced by 5. Upgrades to Speed.
Sun Blade – Deal +2[W] extra damage against Extra Planar and Undead creatures. Gain ability Daylight – Close Burst 5, deal 10 Radiant damage to Undead and Extra Planar creatures. In addition if the weapon is two-handed you may wield it as a one-handed weapon and if it is a one-handed weapon you may wield it as a light weapon.
Wounding – Damage gains Evil keyword. Make an additional attack vs Fort on a successful hit against Living Mortals, Success: Target takes ongoing 5 damage. Upgrades to Life Drinking.
Flourishing – Gain Regeneration 5xenhancement bonus until the end of your next turn after making a critical hit. Upgrades to Evolving.
Triumphing – Deal an amount of bonus damage equal to the targets resistance to your Elemental effect. Upgrades to Sealing.
Whirling – If you throw your weapon as part of a charge you may reduce the penalties for multiple attacks by 3 for follow-up melee attacks. Upgrades to Reaving.

Tier 3
Vorpal – Every time you roll max damage on a weapon die you may reroll that die for additional damage. I.e. a Critical on a +2 greatsword for a total of 4d6 damage, 6,2,4,6 were rolled for a total of 18, the two 6’s are rolled again for 5, 3 bringing the total damage before modifiers to 26.
Elemental Finisher – Additional effect on Critical hits. Ice – frozen in a block of ice; Fire – Immolation, themselves and squares they move through are ignited dealing fire damage to adjacent squares; Sound – Target is rendered unconscious; Lightning – Target and those is arced to are stunned; Acid – Ongoing 15 damage; Air – Target is trapped in a Tornado; Earth – Petrify; Nature – Targets body begins transforming into a tree, Arm and Leg Bind, eventual SoD; Metal – Make two additional attacks at no penalty; Water – Nullify all beneficial effects on target and all negative effects on you.
Dancing – Your weapon is animated and can fight on it’s own while still in your square. The weapons attacks with your attack bonus. Since you have an additional hand free you may draw an additional weapon and attack as normal incurring a -2 penalty to all attacks, animated or otherwise this round.
Brilliant Energy – Ignore a targets DR, Natural Armor and Cover.
Slaying – All attacks are critical hits against a fully bound target of the creature type you declared with the bane property.
Speed – Make an additional attack this round at no penalty, does not effect Mighty Cleaving’s ability.
Life Drinking – Damage the (Living) target takes from the wounding property is converted to reserve points for the wielder. Whenever you drop an opponent you gain an additional use of the second wind power. In addition, when scoring a critical hit all damage dealt is immediately transformed into HP for the wielder.
Banishing – Damage gains Good keyword. Make an additional attack vs Will on a successful hit against an Extra Planar or Undead creature, Success: deal damage equal to their bloodied value. If they are already bloody instead deal CHAd10 Bonus damage.
Evolving – After a successful attack against a target with a vulnerability, you may add it’s vulnerability type as a keyword to your attacks against that target from now on.
Sealing – Penetrate 30 Chosen Element. On a successful hit make an additional attack vs Will, Success: Target cannot use abilities with your Elements keyword.
Reaving – When throwing your weapon you may attack two targets simultaneously at no penalty, this does not count against your number of attacks in a round.

[Ancestral Heirloom]
Guardian Spirit – +1 Saving Throws and Defense.
Constant Ally – Turn one critical hit into a normal attack.
Guided Swing – You may use Wis to hit and Charisma to damage.
Binding Blade – Target cannot use any special movement abilities.
Communion – Free success with chosen skill.
Unity – Synchronize with Spirt, bonus to hit and skill.
Oversoul – Weapon enhancement increases by 3 during Overlimit. Req. Overlimit.

Damn Lucky
Favored Soul – + 3 LP.
Fortune Smiles Upon Us {Critical} – When you or an ally critical they gain one temporary fate point and you gain a temporary Luck Point.
Fortune Favors the Bold {Critical, Rapid} – On a critical hit you may make an additional attack at no additional penalty once per round. Req. Fortune Smiles Upon Us.
Ricochet {Critical, Ranged, Rapid} – If you critical on a ranged attack you can immediately make another attack against any opponent within 5 squares, with a -5 to their defense. Special: If you have Unbelievable Luck this power becomes At-will.
Lucky Day {Critical} – Spend 7 Luck points, all of your allies are considered to critically succeed on all actions for this round. Req. Unbelievable Luck.
Goddess Blessing – + 4 LP. Immunity to critical misses (may still use Catastrophic Success) and critical hits. Req. Unbelievable Luck, Favored Soul and one other talent from Fortune.
Duck Fate {Mortal Wound} – 2LP, When an attack would deal your bloodied value or greater in damage you may flip a coin. Success: The attack deals 1 damage, Failure: The attack deals half damage. Req. Lady Luck Be Kind.

Jinxed – When you lose a LP choose a target within range, that target has a minus M to their next die roll. Req. Lady Luck Be Kind.
Lucky Shot – +1 Critical Threat Range, Cumulative, cannot be doubled. This talent can be taken multiple times.
Catastrophic Success {Critical} – Transform a critical miss into a critical hit 1LP.
Master of Disaster {Critical} – Anytime an an enemy fails to confirm a critical hit against you, you may turn your next attack against that opponent or an adjacent target into a critical threat, where the attack roll is to confirm it. Req. Catastrophic Success, Advantageous Avoidance.
Roll the Bones {Critical} – On a critical hit you may choose to enter a double or nothing game. If you choose to make an additional attack roll and succeed you increase your critical multiplier by one. On a failure the attack becomes a critical miss (Catastrophic Success still applies). You may attempt this no more than twice for each critical hit.
Devils Own Luck {Critical} – 1LP Critically succeed on your next action, with the drawback that the following action will be a critical failure. Special: If you have Unbelievable Luck then this power becomes an At-will.

Celestial Heritage
Smite {Weapon, Radiant, Weakness} – Add M to damage. You may choose to add the radiant keyword to your attack, if you do the target receives Vulnerability Radiant 5. Each additional time it is selected lets you use it once more per encounter.
Eyes of light {Bind, Radiant, Ranged} – Range 10 Cha vs Fort. 3d6 +CHA Radiant damage, if you beat the targets fort damage threshold they are dazed. Against evil outsiders, or undead you increase the damage die to d10’s. Req. Fiend Slayer.
Blinded by the Light {Radiant, Weakness} – When using an attack with the Radiant keyword make a secondary attack, Cha vs Fort, Success: Target is blinded (Save ends) and Vulnerability Light +5. Req. Eyes of Light.
Wrath {Critical, Morale} – On a successful critical hit make a secondary attack with the target as the origin square, Blast 3, Cha vs Will, Success: Md6 Morale damage and the targets take a -2 attack rolls.
Judgement {Morale, Faith, Radiant} – Pillars of light rise up from the ground dealing 15+WIS Morale/Faith damage to all in range. In addition make up to three attacks rolls each round, Cha vs Ref; Success: 25+CHA Radiant damage. This only affects evil aligned foes. Req. Blinded by the Light, Wrath, Celestial Lightning.
Vindicate {Caustic, Frost, Lightning, Mortal Wound} Range 6 squares. Wis vs Fort, Success: Target is bloodied (50%) HP, Failure or already bloodied: (M)d6 +WIS damage of Acid, Cold, and Electricity each. Req. Judgement.
Zeal {Action}- Allies gain an extra move action.
Strike of Righteous Vitality (Strike, Healing, Reserve) On hit transfer all reserve points into hit points then restore reserve pool to full. Req. Celestial Lightning, Zeal.
Greater Divine Surge (Boost, Holy, Radiant, Reserve) Req. Celestial Lightning. After a successful hit on a Celestial, Radiant, or Holy power you may sacrifice reserve points to boost it’s damage at a 2:1 ratio of reserve to damage.

Life Spark {Mortal Wound} – If an attack dealing at least your bloodied value would bring you to zero or fewer HP it instead brings you to 1 HP.
Spark of the Divine {Mortal Wound} – Resist Solar 5. Whenever an effect would deal your bloodied value in damage it instead deals no damage. Req. Life Spark, Divine Health.
Celestial Resistance – Radiant, Lightning, Acid, Resist 5, Weak Shadow 5. This talent may be taken twice.
Hallowed Ground {Healing, Holy, Radiant, Zone} – Close Burst 5, Radiant, Healing and Holy abilities used inside the zone are maximized (max roll on dice). Additionally, any creature with vulnerability Radiant that enters the zone takes an amount of damage equal to their vulnerability in Faith damage at the end of their turn.
Radiant Soul Aura {Boost, Ward} – A globe of luminescent gold radiates from your body which can be transferred to any ally within reach. It lasts for one round, during that round you are immune to shadow damage, receive half damage from all attacks, and cannot be effected by binds, seals, or ongoing effects. Req. Life Spark & Celestial Resistancex2 or Hallowed Ground.
Blessed Wind {Boost, Reserve} – Grant yourself and allies in a M squares burst Fast healing + 3 for a number of rounds M. Req. Wind origin.
Benevolent Wind Increase Blessed Winds Fast Healing by 7. Req. Blessed Wind.
Channel {Ward} – When you use the conduit ability you take on the aspect of a God. Gain Resist All: 5 Penetrate All: 5 until the end of your next turn. Req. Conduit.

Armblade of the Sword Archon – (Fire, Shapeshift) Move Action: Your arm(s) take on the properties of a sword archon. They deal 2d6+M Slashing and Fire damage. You cannot however wield anything else in the arm(s) you have transformed. Gain the shapeshifter subtype. Req. Fiend Slayer, Fire Origin.
Angelic Features – + 2 Cha, Con, Wis. This talent may be taken twice.
Winged Flight {Flight} – Base speed Avg Mobility (No hover). Req. Glide.
Refined Wing Structure {Flight} – Improved Fly speed (Double Base), Additional +2 movement on a charge.
Justice Archon {Fire} – +4 Str, Resist Fire 10, Armblades deal d8’s of damage, +5 damage against creatures Vulnerable or Resistant to Fire. Req. Armblade of Sword Archon, Angelic Features, Refined Wing Structure.
Wing Shards {Counter, Ongoing, Wind} – Blast 3, Dex vs Fort, Md4 damage and the target takes ongoing 5 damage. Req. Refined Wing Structure, Wind Origin.
Death from Above – +2x[w] when making a diving charge. Req. Refined wings.
Avenging Angel {Wind} – +4 Dex, Resist Wind 10, Wing shards deal d6’s of damage, +5 damage on a charge against any creature that damaged an ally last turn. Req. Death from above, Wing Shards, Angelic Features.
Improved Flight {Flight} – Base Speed + 3, good maneuverability. Req. Winged Flight.
Hover {Flight} – Req. Improved Flight.
Whirlwind {Wind, Forced Movement} – Blast 3, STR vs Fort, Success: Push 3, and knocked prone. Req. Improved Flight, Wind Origin.
Halo {Radiant} – +1 Diplomacy success when dealing with good creatures. +1 Intimidate success when dealing with evil creatures. Gain Tongues. Req. Radiant Origin.
Solaari Transformation {Regeneration} – Weapons gain the dancing quality (only one at a time), +10 Resist Shadow; Double Fiend Slayer Bonus, Regen 5 vs Unholy. Req. Angelic Featuresx2, Halo, Fiend Slayer, Improved Flight.

Shadow Dancer
Gaze of the Death God {Mental} – Enemies within range gain vulnerable Mental 5.
Calculated Attack {Surprise} – When making a surprise attack you may add Int to your attack rolls.
Spot Weak point – Standard: Make a perception vs Fort, Success: Increase your critical threat range by 3 for your next attack. Req. Calculated Attack, Specialized in Perception.
Ripper {Surprise, Critical} – On a surprise attack increase your weapons critical threat range by DEX. Req. Calculated Attack.
Death in the Dark {Boost, Morale}- If you reduce a target to zero or fewer HP in a darkened area make an immediate attack against one of the target’s allies within 5 squares. Cha vs Will Success: Deal the same amount in Morale damage to the target. Req. Calculated attack, Gaze of the Death God.
The Best Way to Kill a Snake {Boost, Faith} – When you drop a target with the leadership role to 0 or fewer HP all of it’s allies within 20 squares (or line of sight) take INTd10 Faith damage. Req. Calculated Attack, Death in the Dark.
Surprise Assault {Surprise, Critical} – During the Surprise Round you may take a Full round action. Critical multiplier increases by 1 on Surprise attacks.
Catch them off Guard (Strike, Surprise) – Feint and attack as one action. Req. Surprise Assault.
Scythe among wheat {Critical, Multi, Surprise} – You may coup-de-grace during a surprise attack, if you make a multi-attack you may only coup-de-grace on target per weapon. Req. Catch them off Guard.
Cover of Night {Active, Concealment} – In darkened areas, if an opponent does not spend a swift action for a perception check you gain a +2 active defense.
Shadow of Death {Psychic} – Target that has not spent a swift action to perceive you. Cha vs Will; Success: Target takes CHAd4 Psychic damage. Req. Cover of Night.
Flee into the night {Counter} – If you are in an opponents threatened square you may shift 2 squares away. Req. Cover of Night.
Sapphire Nightmare Blade (Strike, Morale, Ongoing, Forced Movement) – In a darkened area make an attack vs Will, Success: 2x[w], ongoing Morale damage 5 (save ends) and the target flees 2 squares. Req. Cover of Night, Catch them off-guard.
Man Slayer {Critical} – Increase Critical multiplier by 1 on attacks against adjacent targets.
Open Wound {Critical, Ongoing} – On a critical hit the target takes ongoing damage 10 (Save ends). Req. Manslayer.
Vital Strike {Critical, Penetrate} – On a critical hit ignore armor’s DR. +1 Critical Threat range.
Critical Strike {Critical} – On a critical hit add your sneak attack damage. Req. Vital Strike.
Death Strike {Mortal Wound, Surprise} – On a surprise attack deal damage equal to the targets bloodied value or your damage, whichever is higher. Req. Open Wound and Critical Strike.

[Born of Shadow]
Night’s Embrace {Ranged, Shadow, Grapple, Concealment} – Range 10 – Str vs Fort; Success: Target takes 3d6 Shadow damage and you make a ranged grapple against them. Sustain Grapple: Move. Special: if you or the target are in a darkened area deal an extra die of damage, if you both are deal maximum damage in addition to the extra die.
Enveloping Darkness {Ranged, Shadow, Weakness, Zone, Concealment} – Range 10 Burst 3 Int vs Will; Success: Each target takes 6d6 Shadow damage and is blinded {save ends). Sustain: Move, if they stay within or leave the zone you make another attack against each of them. Special: if you or the target are in a darkened area deal an extra die of damage, if you both are deal maximum damage in addition to the extra die. Req. Night’s Embrace.
Impenetrable darkness {Weakness, Shadow, Zone} – R5 Burst 3, Create a zone of darkness. All creatures within the zone gain vulnerability Shadow 10 and are blinded for as long as they stay in the zone. Sustain: Swift. Req. Enveloping Darkness.
Steal the Sun {Boost, Zone, Weakness, Shadow, Radiant) – Close Burst 15 becomes darkened area, All enemies within gain vulnerable shadow 15 radiant 15. Req. Impenetrable Darkness.
Shadowstride {Concealment, Teleport} – You and any adjacent ally may teleport 10 squares into a darkened area that you can see or are familiar with. Each time this talent is taken increase the distance by 10.
Penumbral Edge {Shadow, Penetrate} – When making an attack with the shadow keyword the weapon or implements enhancement is considered two points higher for the purposes of penetration. In addition gain Penetrate Shadow 5.
Penumbral Drain {Healing} – Whenever you deal damage to a creature with resist or vulnerable shadow you regain a number of hit points equal to the combined total of those amounts. Excess hit points are converted to reserve points as normal. I.e. the target has Resist Shadow 5 & Vulnerable Shadow 10 you regain 15 HP after successfully dealing damage. Req. Penumbral Edge.
Twilight Recuperation {Concealment, Regeneration} – When you are in a darkened area you gain Regeneration 5 and resist shadow 5.
One with Shadow (Counter, Concealment) – While in a darkened area increase the bonus from concealment by 3. Req. Twilight Recuperation
Road to dawn {Ward, Penetrate, Concealment} – In well lit areas gain Resist & Penetrate Radiant 5. Req. Twilight Recuperation.
Moth to the Flame {Counter}- You may use Shadow Jaunt as an immediate action against enemies within range that use an attack with a Solar keyword. This does not count as a use of Shadow Jaunt. Req. Shadow Jaunt, Road to Dawn.
Shadow Magic {Penetrate} – Penetrate Spell Resistance 10 Wards 5.
Lost Spell {Concealment, Ward} – When you have concealment, spells have a 50% chance to miss. Req. Shadow Magic.
Spell Shadow {Counter, Shadow, Spell} – When a spell misses you because of Lost Spell’s effect you may send it back at the caster with the shadow keyword using his attack roll. Req. Lost Spell.
Clinging Shadows {Shadow, Ongoing} – When you hit with an attack with the Shadow keyword the target takes ongoing 5 Shadow damage (Save ends).
Cloak of Deception {Counter, Concealment} – Bluff vs Will, Success: You are considered to be invisible to the target.
Creeping Shadows {Concealment} – When you are in a darkened area it’s size increases to match your Aura’s.
My Shadow is my Best Friend {Concealment} – Your target is considered flanked in darkened areas. Req. Shadow Spy.

Scion of Sorcery
[Iron Tower Initiate]
Focused Combat – +1 Hit, Defense when adjacent to a foe.
Offensive Charge – Increase a chargeable spells AoE and damage depending on time spent casting. Full round lvl 2, start of your next turn lvl 3.
Burst Fighter {Force, Weapon} – You release concentrated bursts of force when making unarmed attacks. You may use Intelligence instead of Strength for attack and damage purposes with unarmed strikes and you gain the force keyword. Req. Improved unarmed strike.
Tear through the Ranks {Boost} – Until the end of your next turn, +1 hit for each enemy adjacent to or threatened square you occupy and gain +M to physical damage. In addition every time an enemy misses you you gain an OA (I’d recommend Combat reflexes to take full advantage of it.)
Tower Toppling Blast

[Magical Bloodlines]
Mana Font – +5 Mana, This talent can be taken multiple times. Special: If you base class does not already give you mana gain a number of bonus mana per level equal to your Wisdom.
Barrier Jacket {Ward}
Binding Chains – Bind all, Save ends, Sustain -2 Saving Throw.
Wild Magic {Critical} – Crit miss pull all targets within 5 towards you. Crit hit knock all targets within 5 down.
Wild Mage – Wild magic powers only affect enemies, roll a d6 to gain a bonus when spending a fate point, can only gain one bonus per round.

Magic Swordsman – So long as your first attack is a melee one you may use spells as part of a multiattack action, paying the cost of the spell per attack.
Channel Spell – Choose one weapon, you make a bond with that weapon which allows it to double as an implement with the same enhancement it has as a weapon. You may only have one bonded weapon at a time and it takes 1 hour to bond.
Store Spell {Spell, Weapon} – You may store a Magik in your bonded weapon, when you decide to unleash the spell it costs zero mana, your weapon can hold only one spell at a time. I.e. Tuesday you put a lightning bolt in your sword for 6 mana, Wednesday you unleash it for zero mana. This talent may be purchased two additional times, each additional time allows you to store a higher tier spell in it. Req. Channel Spell.
Synchronized Release {Spell, Weapon} – You may release your stored spell after a successful attack. You must still make an attack roll as usual. Req. Store Magik.
Absorb Spell {Counter, Spell, Implement} – Provided you don’t have any spells stored in your weapon you may make an opposed spellcraft roll with a bonus equal to your weapon/implement’s enhancement bonus to absorb an incoming spell targeting you. If the spell is your level or lower it is stored in your weapon ready for use, otherwise the magical energy is dissipated restoring a number to your mana pool equal to the spells cost. Req. Store Invocation.
Instill: (Boost, Origin) You may at the cost of 10 Reserve points add one of your origin’s as a keyword to your melee attacks for the encounter
Blazer: {Counter, Fire} Whenever an ally uses a Fire keyword attack within 5 squares or the target is within 5 squares you may as an immediate reaction make a fire attack of your own against either the target and all adjacent enemies or all enemies adjacent to you.

Shocker: {Counter, Lightning} Same as Blazer, replace fire with lightning.
Freezer: {Counter, Frost} Same as Blazer, replace fire with frost.
Elemental Fencer – Replace ally in previous text with anyone besides yourself. Req. Blazery, Shocker, or Freezer.
Fiery Riposte {Counter, Fire} – If you are the original target of an attack with the fire keyword you may immediately reflect the attack back at the caster with a bonus to hit equal to M. The original attack does not harm you or anyone else in it’s intended area of effect.
Shocking Display {Counter, Lightning} – As Fiery Riposte, replace fire with lightning.
Chilling Rebuke {Counter, Frost} – As Fiery Riposte, replace fire with frost.

Exotic Weapons Master
Surprise extension – If you blade is retracted you can make a Bluff vs Sense Motive as part of the attack, a success transforms it into a surprise attack.
Tangling Defense – Gain a +2 active defense bonus when wielding a whip or whipblade.
Falling Swallow Form {Counter} You may replace your active Reflex with a perform (dance) check. If you blade wasn’t already extended it is now. Req. Tangling Defense.
Coiling Serpent – If an opponent misses you due to falling Swallow Form make an OA against them using their attack roll plus your primary attack stat. Req. Falling Swallow Form.
Playful Ribbons {Boost} – Make an Acrobatics check as part of an attack action, for every 5 points you are above 10 add +1d6 damage to your attack, make only one roll to apply to all attacks for the round. Req. Falling Swallow Form.
Barbed Disarm – If an enemy make an OA in response to your disarm they immediately take damage as if you had hit them.
Poised Cobra – When your whipblade is extended you receive a +2 bonus to Opportunity Attacks (OA’s).
Lashing Viper – Anytime an opponent misses you in combat, you gain a free disarm check against them. Req. Poised Cobra, Barbed Disarm.
Unraveling Defenses – Anytime you succeed in disarming someone, you may make an immediate counterattack against them. Add the base weapon damage of the disarmed weapon to your normal attack. Req. Lashing Viper.
Ode to the Unarmed Man – Whenever you disarm an opponent they take your M in Morale damage. Req. Unraveling Defenses.
Whirlwind Weave – As a full round action you may make 2 attacks against all targets in your threatened range. If you wish to target only enemies you receive a -4 on all attacks. Req. Lashing Viper.
Thrashing Weave – Increase the number of attacks per targets of Whirlwind Weave by 2, as well as allowing an immediate disarm attempt after each successful attack. Req. Whirlwind Weave.

Elemental Champion
[Burning Red]
This Hand of Mine is BURNING RED! It’s fierce cry tells me to defeat you!
Fiery Fists {Boost} – +1d6 Fire damage for the round; Each additional time this talent is taken you gain another use of this ability per encounter.
Explosive Fists – Add Push STR to Fiery Fists. Falcooone PAUNCH
Fervor – +2 hit when you are bloodied.
Burning for your life – You may regain any one maneuver in this tree by expending an amount of HP equal to 10xExpansion level (10HP for initial, 90HP for Ex9)
Burning Brand – Whenever you use a fire maneuver add Dex to damage as well as gaining a +1 square increase in reach until end of turn. The reach increases by an additional 3 squares in hyper mode, as well as ignoring the fire resistance of the target(s)
Searing Flames – Flaming Fists now uses d8’s for damage.
Burning Shadow {Counter} – Dex vs Will, Success: The target strikes one of your shadows and you gain an OA against them. Failure: The target strikes one of your shadows. During Hyper mode, target takes 15 fire damage when he hits a shadow.
Lingering Inferno(Strike)
Improved Grab
This Hand of Mine – When activated remove all negative status effects then ignore the effects of the condition track for the round. During Hyper mode reset your condition track to 0, use a second wind that does not count against your daily limit and add your charisma damage to all attacks that round.
Fiery Assault {Stance} – Flaming Fists now deals +2d6 Fire damage for the round.
Inferno Blade (Boost);
Decisive Strike {Strike} – What did you expect when a man puts his entire soul into his fist!? In any round in which you make no more than one unarmed strike move the enemy one additional step down the C.T. This does not stop you from chaining it together with other attacks, i.e. flaming blades of death. The unarmed strike must be the last attack made, which makes Two Weapon Fighting a very enticing option. Halve their damage threshold when in Hyper mode.
Sunset UppercutYour first strike was not enough to fully defeat your opponent, however, you’ve honed your reflexes so that after your devastating charge you make an immediate strike on his unguarded flank.
At the end of a successful charge make an additional attack at your highest BAB. Maximize your fire damage dice if they are bloodied. Hyper mode – Maximize your normal damage as well, both attacks are considered decisive strikes.
Hyper Mode [Bloodied or Motivation] – Your burning manly soul enter into a state of peak adrenaline and fervor. Hyper mode lasts for only one round, (unless dramatic effect deems otherwise) during that round you gain DR M/Epic. Also, any fire maneuvers you initiate that round add double the normal amount of extra dice. Other abilities will have notations on what bonuses happen during hyper mode.
Flaming Ball of Death – Ranged Touch attack, 2xMd6+Charisma Bonus (2xMd12 + 3xCharisma Bonus in Hyper Mode) Fire Damage.

Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!
Choose a manuever gained through this tree, deal an additional +50 damage with it. Usable twice a day, only when bloodied (below 50% HP). +100 damage in Hyper Mode.

[Concerto Combatant]
Harmony – You weave a beautful form of bladework through the air, You may add the Wind keyword to attacks.
Crescendo – Gain a cumulative +2 damage bonus for every consecutive hit with a wind attack. As soon as you miss or use a non-Wind attack the damage bonus resets to 0 as you return to the tonic. Req. Harmony.
Symphonic Destruction – Deal bonus damage to the target at the end of the round based on the number of hits with a Wind attack. 5 Wind damage for each hit beyond the first. Req. Crescendo.
Ensemble {Boost} – Choose an ally, you may add their successful hits to the same target to the number of hits counted for Symphonic Destruction. Req. Symphonic Destruction.
Canon – Whenever you hit a creature with a Wind attack within range of your theme song they gain the enchantment: Take damage equal to the highest amount of Wind damage you took last turn (save ends). Req. Symphonic Destruction.
Theme Song – Allies gain a +1 to Saving Throws and Resist Wind M. You may apply one Song modifier to your theme song, chosen at the start of an encounter. Unless otherwise noted Song Modifiers apply only to yourself.
Treble (Song modifier) – Increase the size of your Bursts or Blasts by 1 if they have the Wind keyword. If it’s a single target then it gains a splash damage effect. Req. Theme Song, Harmony.
Bass (Song modifier) – You cover yourself in a sheathe of low frequency sound, +2 DR. Req. Theme Song.
Forte {Song Modifier) – Increase damage by 5, decrease defense by 5. Req. Theme Song, Bass.
Staccato – +2 hit, -5 Damage.
Pianissimo – Choose a target within range of your theme song, Cha vs Will, Success: You and the target both receive a -5 penalty to damage for as long as you sustain the ability. Sustain Swift. Req. Theme Song, Staccato.
Allegro – Allies receive a +2 speed.
Rapid Tempo (Stance modifier)- Reduce penalty for multiple attacks by 3. Req. Staccato, Allegro.
Theme Song Remix – You may have 2 song modifiers active at once. Also you may change your modifiers as a swift action during combat. Req. Any two Song modifiers.
Death March – Bloodied Allies gain Regeneration 5 so long as they are bloodied.
Requiem – A sombre melody reminds your fallen allies of their irreplacable role. All allies within 10 squares are resurrected with HP equal to your Charisma + Constitution score. Req. Death March.
Baritone – Close Burst 3, Con vs Fort, Success: Target is dazed (save ends).
Figaro – When you make the same attack consecutively you gain a +3 bonus for every same attack beyond the first recurring attack.
Serenade – Cha vs Will, Success: Target cannot target anyone other than you so long as you sustain this ability. Sustain Swift.
Solo – Take an additional standard action this turn. Req. Figaro, Serenade.
Grand Finale – Crazy stuff


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