Shadow Dancer [Assassin] & [Born of Shadow]
Initial – Talent, Shadow Leap, Bonus if chosen at first level: Shadow Spy
Ex 2 – Talent, Talent [Born of Shadow]
Ex 3 – Talent, Shadow Jaunt
Ex 4 – Talent, Talent [Assassin]
Ex 5 – Talent, Talent
Ex 6 – Talent, Bonus Talent if you had all preceding odd expansions
Ex 7 – Talent, Shadow Leaping Frenzy
Ex 8 – Talent, Talent [Born of Shadow]
Ex 9 – Talent, Talent

Shadow Leap – If you begin your move in a dimly lit (shadowed) area and end your movement in another area of darkness you do not provoke any Opportunity attacks and you gain concealment (+2 Ref). In addition gain Resist Shadow 10 and you may add the Shadow Keyword to your attack.
Shadow Spy – You can send your shadow to spy on others. 1 Free Perception or Insight success. In addition you cannot be surprise attacked in areas of shadow (dimly lit).
Shadow Jaunt {Boost} – Teleport up to 10 squares and make an immediate surprise attack with the Shadow keyword added on. If you hit and successfully deal damage you may teleport the target to the nearest shadowed area within 10 squares.
Shadow Leaping Frenzy {Strike} – Close Burst 10, Make a surprise (multi-)attack against each enemy in range, add the Shadow keyword to your attacks.

Shadow Dancer
Gaze of the Death God {Mental} – Enemies within range gain vulnerable Mental 5.
Calculated Attack {Surprise} – When making a surprise attack you may add Int to your attack rolls.
Spot Weak point – Standard: Make a perception vs Fort, Success: Increase your critical threat range by 3 for your next attack. Req. Calculated Attack, Specialized in Perception.
Ripper {Surprise, Critical} – On a surprise attack increase your weapons critical threat range by DEX. Req. Calculated Attack.
Death in the Dark {Boost, Mind}- If you reduce a target to zero or fewer HP in a darkened area make an immediate attack against one of the target’s allies within 5 squares. Int vs Will Success: The secondary target flees. Req. Calculated attack, Gaze of the Death God.
The Best Way to Kill a Snake {Boost, Mind} – When you drop a target with the leadership role to 0 or fewer HP all of it’s allies within line of sight flee {Int +5 vs Will}. Req. Calculated Attack, Death in the Dark.
Surprise Assault {Surprise, Critical} – During the Surprise Round you may take a Full round action. Critical multiplier increases by 1 on Surprise attacks.
Catch them off Guard (Strike, Surprise) – Feint and attack as one action. Req. Surprise Assault.
Scythe among wheat {Critical, Multi, Surprise} – You may coup-de-grace during a surprise attack, if you make a multi-attack you may only coup-de-grace on target per weapon. Req. Catch them off Guard.
Cover of Night {Active, Concealment} – In darkened areas, if an opponent does not spend a swift action for a perception check you gain a +2 active defense.
Shadow of Death {Mind} – Target that has not spent a swift action to perceive you. Cha vs Will; Success: Target takes a -5 to attack against you. Req. Cover of Night.
Flee into the night {Counter} – If you are in an opponents threatened square you may shift 2 squares away. Req. Cover of Night.
Sapphire Nightmare Blade (Strike, Mind) – In a darkened area make an attack vs Will, Success: + 2x[w], and the target flees. Req. Cover of Night, Catch them off-guard.
Man Slayer {Critical} – Increase Critical multiplier by 1 on attacks against adjacent targets.
Open Wound {Critical, Ongoing} – On a critical hit the target takes ongoing damage 10 (Save ends). Req. Manslayer.
Vital Strike {Critical, Penetrate} – On a critical hit ignore armor’s DR. +1 Critical Threat range.
Critical Strike {Critical} – On a critical hit add your sneak attack damage. Req. Vital Strike.
Death Strike {Mortal Wound, Surprise} – On a surprise attack deal damage equal to the targets bloodied value or your damage, whichever is higher. Req. Open Wound and Critical Strike.

[Born of Shadow]
Night’s Embrace {Ranged, Shadow, Grapple, Concealment} – Range 10 – Str vs Fort; Success: Target takes 3d6 Shadow damage and you make a ranged grapple against them. Sustain Grapple: Move. Special: if you or the target are in a darkened area deal an extra die of damage, if you both are deal maximum damage in addition to the extra die.
Enveloping Darkness {Ranged, Shadow, Weakness, Zone, Concealment} – Range 10 Burst 3 Int vs Will; Success: Each target takes 6d6 Shadow damage and is blinded {save ends). Sustain: Move, if they stay within or leave the zone you make another attack against each of them. Special: if you or the target are in a darkened area deal an extra die of damage, if you both are deal maximum damage in addition to the extra die. Req. Night’s Embrace.
Impenetrable darkness {Weakness, Shadow, Zone} – R5 Burst 3, Create a zone of darkness. All creatures within the zone gain vulnerability Shadow 10 and are blinded for as long as they stay in the zone. Sustain: Swift. Req. Enveloping Darkness.
Steal the Sun {Boost, Zone, Weakness, Shadow, Radiant) – Close Burst 15 becomes darkened area, All enemies within gain vulnerable shadow 15 radiant 15. Req. Impenetrable Darkness.
Shadowstride {Concealment, Teleport} – You and any adjacent ally may teleport 10 squares into a darkened area that you can see or are familiar with. Each time this talent is taken increase the distance by 10.
Penumbral Edge {Shadow, Penetrate} – When making an attack with the shadow keyword the weapon or implements enhancement is considered two points higher for the purposes of penetration. In addition gain Penetrate Shadow 5.
Penumbral Drain {Healing} – Whenever you deal damage to a creature with resist or vulnerable shadow you regain a number of hit points equal to the combined total of those amounts. Excess hit points are converted to reserve points as normal. I.e. the target has Resist Shadow 5 & Vulnerable Shadow 10 you regain 15 HP after successfully dealing damage. Req. Penumbral Edge.
Twilight Recuperation {Concealment, Regeneration} – When you are in a darkened area you gain Regeneration 5 and resist shadow 5.
One with Shadow (Counter, Concealment) – While in a darkened area increase the bonus from concealment by 3. Req. Twilight Recuperation
Road to dawn {Ward, Penetrate, Concealment} – In well lit areas gain Resist & Penetrate Radiant 5. Req. Twilight Recuperation.
Moth to the Flame {Counter}- You may use Shadow Jaunt as an immediate action against enemies within range that use an attack with a Solar keyword. This does not count as a use of Shadow Jaunt. Req. Shadow Jaunt, Road to Dawn.
Shadow Magic {Penetrate} – Penetrate Spell Resistance 10 Wards 5.
Lost Spell {Concealment, Ward} – When you have concealment, spells have a 50% chance to miss. Req. Shadow Magic.
Spell Shadow {Counter, Shadow, Spell} – When a spell misses you because of Lost Spell’s effect you may send it back at the caster with the shadow keyword using his attack roll. Req. Lost Spell.
Clinging Shadows {Shadow, Ongoing} – When you hit with an attack with the Shadow keyword the target takes ongoing 5 Shadow damage (Save ends).
Cloak of Deception {Counter, Concealment} – Bluff vs Will, Success: You are considered to be invisible to the target.
Creeping Shadows {Concealment} – When you are in a darkened area it’s size increases to match your Aura’s.
My Shadow is my Best Friend {Concealment} – Your target is considered flanked in darkened areas. Req. Shadow Spy.


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