Forgotten King of the Winterlands


HP 96 || Initiative +8
AC = 28 (30) = 10 + 4(Deflection) + 9 (Dex) + 5 Natural (Optional +2 shield bonus) Touch = 23
SR 26 Damage Reduction 10 / Addy and Magic OR Cold Iron
Saves Fort 5 Ref +23 Will +21 || Speed 50ft (Fly 25ft poor)

Attacks: Frozen rapier +24/+19/+14/+9 1d6 + 5 +3d6 Frost damage Crit 15-20/x2
SA: Cone of Cold at will (15d6 Cone 60ft Ref – Half), Freezing Sphere 2/day, Polar Ray 1/day 16d6 (no Save touch attack, SR Ok)

Chilling Aura – At the beginning of his turn those within 10ft take 10 points of frost damage and must make a fortitude save vs being slowed.
He may on his turn as a full round action cause the aura to intensify and occupy a 60ft radius. During which ranged attacks suffer a 50% miss chance, the frost damage increases to 20 and all opponents who fail bullrush check (+9) are randomly moved around the map. The effects last until his next turn.

Glass Prison – Fort Save vs DC 23 Will save vs DC 30
Fort save is to resist being frozen solid. Those who pass the fort save are then subject to a will save. Failure means that you view yourself as the only one who isn’t frozen. In reality there will be two or more that succeed the will save and through the crazy magical illusion powers will fight each other. The will save is repeated every time you take damage and the target receives a cumulative +2 bonus per round.

SQ: Cold Immunity, Shield of Unmelting Ice (counter) {Succeed on a Ref save, take 0 fire damage, half of this damage is absorbed into HP)

Str 16 Dex 28 Con 12 Wis 24 Int 20 Cha 30


Elrua gasps out her last words “No.. it can’t end like this, master..Orcus..” with that the scythe she held in her hands animates and decapitates her, sending her head in a wide arc to land on the center spike of the dead gate. A terrible biting gale fills the area drowning out sound as a bolt of pure red lightning strikes down from the sky and and down through the dead gate. From the gridiron you see an enormous plume of steam rise up. All is quiet for a moment as the steam dissipates into the air. Then there is a sudden crack and the air all around the deadgate instantly crystallizes, then shatters revealing a deep pit. From the depths you can see stairs made entirely of ice forming upward and eventually end at the lip of the pitfall. Walking steadily up the newly formed staircase is a humanoid figure. As he gets closer you can make out his true form, wearing ancient regalia and with a body that looks as though it were made of solid ice there’s no mistake that an ancient and powerful Fae creature is approaching you.

“Do you know how long it has been since I have seek the sky?”
Surveys the destroyed deadgate
“It seems history has a habit of repeating itself” looks at the party “Then I suppose you and I are alike”
“We have both incurred the wrath of Orcus, and it seems he intends to kill two birds with one stone.”
How Wrath – “You must be naive if you think this is the first deadgate. I personally slew the previous servant of Orcus, and for that I have been entrapped here for ages.” How birds – “A bargain, I would be released from my imprisonment on the condition that I dispose of you. It seems he can’t interfere personally. So…here we stand.”
“My apologies, I bear no grievances against you but I will have to end you.” Readies weapon

Forgotten King of the Winterlands

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