Elemental Isle Nihl

Township of the Iron Satyr

Towering above the center of this moderately sized town lies a giant statue standing 30 ft tall and composed entirely of iron. The townsfolk have been busy laying about odd stone arrangements for the past tenday at the direction of the recent successor to the temple of Ealira (Knowledge Religion DC 20), Viela. They are supervised by a dusky skinned always scowling overseer by the name of Murdaget.

Something seemed odd about the situation yet before the PC’s could investigate they were drawn into a dilapidated church when a boy came running out begging for help before crumbling to dust.

Aknowledging their heroic duty they boldly strode through the gates and into the main chamber of the temple where they were attack by a number of gargoyles and an undead that sought to corrupt their minds with his blasphemous babbling. After their subsequent victory they proceeded through the crumbling chapel and discovered a massive underground set of passageways. Encountering various undead and summararily dispatching them until they found the the companion the recently deceased (well, disintegrated really) messenger spoke of. The room turned out to be a trap and the party fell into the pit below which seemed to be a waste disposal pit for bodies, which unfortunately for them had reanimated, as well as the skeleton of a juvenile black dragon. Nevertheless the party prevailed and even won a dragon skullcap in the process.

Seeking to unravel the mystery of this place they proceeded deeper until they reached a high roofed cavern sporting giant fungal growth. There they found a statue of a pagan eidolon with a blue and red sword stuck in it’s base. When the halfling pulled the sword from the base the statue with a piece of an evil god’s soul in it was freed from it’s imprisonment and attacked the party with abandon inflicting the the already wounded wood elf ranger Train with madness. The party managed to slay the abomination but was soon beset by the only still living resident of the church, a crazed dwarf who seemed to carry the same flesh-eating disease as the rest of the temple, with a body covered almost entirely by purple dendritic crystal. His this armor and divine spellcasting made him a difficult opponent but thanks to a few lucky strikes from the halfling he was summararily dispatched. The death of the Eidolon had caused some hidden mechanism in the cavern to cause it to start collapsing on itself, they grabbed the fallen body of the dwarf and made their escape. On the dwarf’s body they found a key that opened the door on the top level of the church guarded by a pair of stained glass golem. In it they found the details of the church’s last events. Of the plague that had ravaged the town, and the church that had sacrificed itself to quarantine it. Feeling uneasy knowing that their was still a deadly disease about the party chose to leave immediately.

Upon exiting they were confronted by some local guardsman who brought them to the temple of Moonlit goddess for inspection. The virus was eliminated while in it’s incubation stage and the party breathed much easier. Also, in a stroke of luck the temple was also equipped to deal with the grievous injury afflicting Train. Which wasn’t that surprising considering Lycanthropes are heavily associated with the moon. That morning a group of cloaked strangers had entered town and engaged in conflict with one of the parties allies, a powerful lizardfolk fighter. He was defeated with ease by the only one willingly to pull their cowl back. The fighter, a youth displayed amazing bladework, spared the lizardfolk’s life much to the dislike of his companions giving only the name of Ashton and promising him a rematch. The lizardfolk hung his head in shame and left town immediately, and has not been seen since.

When that wrapped up the party approached a high ranking priestess with their concerns about the occult construction in the town square. They recieved a tip or two, as well as the location of the Priestess of Viela who had suggested and funded the idea. When they met with Viela she wasted no time in trying to seduce the entire party {kinky} however, it seemed the party managed to resist her bewitching effects. They learned little from the encounter and decided to question the overseer Murdaget instead. Murdaget proved to be even less useful by refusing questions and leaving as quickly as possible. The party returned to their lodging, the 2 story inn named after the Iron Satyr and dissected some rumors being tossed about. Finally deciding to investigate reports of a green finger that was seen crawling around one of the warehouses where building materials for the center of town were kept. During the night, the halfling disappeared along with a sizable share of loot from everyone’s belongings.

At the warehouse they were ambushed by a pair of troll guards and a unit of hogoblin snipers. Beneath the warehouse were a series of catacombs populated with a number of armed hobgoblins and interestingly enough demons. As they reached what seemed to be the end of the catacombs and began making their ascent they heard the angry shouts of townsfolk above them and one directing their anger towards the temple of Ealira. The catacombs turned out to be a tunnel to a familiar church, as they entered a backroom they heard the sound of glass shattering a woman scream. They proceeded towards the disturbance and found the bed chamber of the priestess Viela who lay bleeding to death on the floor to a number of slash marks. With her dying breaths her illusion shattered and her true form of a succubus was revealed. She handed a portal key to the bard Madelyne and promised that she would meet with the paladin Aeon again before disappearing in a cloud of brimstone.

The party was forced to exit out the same window as the killer, since the catacombs had been partially caved in when they set off a trap earlier. Unfortunately, by leaving this way they were in plain view of the angry mob. The orchestrator of the mob directed them towards the party, which prompted the party to hastily make their escape. During the escape the swordsman Ryu sensed the presence of an artifact called the Orb of Scales, but had not the time to investigate it as the Iron Satyr in the center of town was released of it’s statue imprisonment. It proceeded to demolished the entire town killing the majority of the townsfolk before disappearing into a massive portal inside the occult structures in the center of town.

With this the villagers were released from the haze of rage. They apologized and begged for the help of the party, as a portal into some other plane isn’t the best thing to have in the center of your town (or what’s left of it). The surviving members of the Temple of the Moonlit Goddess offered them a sacred relic said to be able to pierce and demonic hide. With that the party took the portal key and went to the otherside. There they found an odd plane where giant metalic cubes floated in the sky. They were ambushed in the cavern they arrived in by a number of fiendish hobgoblins. At the end of the close struggle the party emerged victorious and followed the giant hoofprints of the Iron Satyr. They found a leaning tower which seemed to have an invisible line that shifted gravity when you crossed it. The more aerial of the group noticed that they seemed to be on one of the cubes visible in the sky and the tower was situated on the corner of a cube.

The party scale the tower with intrepidity until they found a massive hole near the top of the tower. What awaited them beyond the hole was NONE OTHER THAN ___



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