Elemental Isle Nihl


Neferander known as Hearth’s Edge in the common tongue but only recently nicknamed the hamlet of grief. It was the first town you came across after exiting the great wood. The sleepy town is about the size of hamlet (a tiny village)with a few farms lying on the outskirts of the main parts of town. There are two entrances to the town, one coming from the forest, which is guarded by an impressive set of walls roughly 25ft in height and a massive oak doors. The other involves traveling through the market and leads to a path going through the mountains, this would be the path half the party (Tyler, Felicia, and Sean) took when the crossbow sniper attacked the village.

As far as the town layout goes it is rather sparse, consisting of the main road coming from the woods which eventually makes its way to the next town over (The one with the Iron Satyr) and a road that runs perpendicular to that and intersects with it at the center of town. To the west there is a very very old church, and path behind it leads further northwest to a grave site. There is a stream that pools in the southeast corner of town, there is a drainage system that lets it run through the Main wall. The origin of the stream is nearby the Great Wood.

Some important locals of note (because anyone with a name MUST be important)
Reeve – Village elder, he’s a bit senile but still makes decisions that are the best for the village and especially the youth.

The Captain – Born as Bram Aurelli he earned the nickname Captain when he was a part of the late barons army. His squad went MIA after their commander died in battle, if not for the quick wit and leadership skills of Bram the unit would never have returned. He earned a promotion from that as well as the nickname the captain. He retired a a decade later and came to the village of Neferander for some peace and quiet as well as to enjoy the view of the towering spires of the redwood trees.

Luke – He works under the captain for the village militia and patrol.

Rihani – Also works under the captain as the village militia, he used to be a decent ranking member in the current barons army but he left when his wife died. There are rumors going around that there was some foul play involved. You may also remember him as the one who saved part of the party (Well Felicia had the only character conscious at that point but I digress) from the worg attack while chasing the sniper.

Inowe – Local innkeeper, mother of one, married to Holtz.

Holtz – Local Blacksmith in his late thirties, he’s already going bald and is gaining a fair bit of weight around the waist. He has a few pictures hanging on the wall that show him a few years back in incredibly better condition. In one of them he’s standing side by side next to a tall man with dark blonde hair with an infectious grin holding up a well crafted scabbard for a large sword, likely one that Holtz created. They say after Glenn died Holtz hasn’t been able to create arms or armor since.

Walt – Local hunter, in his late 40’s. Has a son who is learning the trade from him.
William – Walt’s son, shows a lot of promise in the art of woodcraft.

Fiori – Looks to be about 17. She currently works as an acolyte under the local parish priest. She’s in charge of taking care of the grave sites. An exceptionally kind person, she doesn’t think twice about using her gifts to mend the scrapes and cuts children always seem to have. Her hair is stark white (naturally it seems) and kept short. She seems to be exceptionally talented using magic although the only displays of her gifts so far have been in the form of healing. She’s been living in Neferander since she was a child, and has no memory of her parents.

Train – An abnormally tall wood elf who took it upon himself to keep the village safe from the multitude of predators in the Greatwood after the self proclaimed guardian of Neferander met his end. He’s not especially talkative, polite, or likeable for that matter, but is a reliable ally in a pinch. He spent a fair bit of his adolescence in or near the town (the local druids grove) so most of the villagers know of him.

Cain – Local aging druid, he was around when Neferander was first built and aided in the construction so that it would be integrated with existing parts of nature (as noted by the large tree roots running through town and the large old tree situated in the NE of town). He’s taken care of Train for as long as he can remember. He lives in a tree house high off the ground not too far into the wood, with his companion Gabriel an exceptionally large tiger.

Gabriel – Large by tiger standards he comes up to about the elbow of a full grown man, and around 8 feet in length, and nearly all muscle. Despite his fearsome appearance he’s actually very docile and protective around children. Of course the parents won’t let the children near him if Cain isn’t within arm’s reach. Gabriel was captured by Orgoth’s men during the initial ogre conflict, and was Train’s primary reason for getting involved (which in turn got the rest of you involved as well).

Lucretia – Half-elf. Late wife of Glenn, she bore him a child a year before his demise. She specializes in alchemy and has a bit of sorceress blood in her. She tries to keep an eye on Train in Glenn’s absence. Despite losing the love of her life she seems to be taking it well, a lot better than a lot of the villagers (the innkeeper and blacksmith for example).

Glenn – Dusky blond haired man who always had a stupid grin on his face. After slaying a rampaging lernean hydra and cyclops duo singlehandedly he proclaimed himself Guardian and Savior of this village. During the great fire a few years back he mysteriously disappeared after he went to rescue the innkeeper’s son. The body was never found but the Druid Cain pronounced him dead, and said that the Earth has already claimed his body. It’s known that both Train and Cain were with him during his final moments but not much is known other than that. The only person who the details were shared with would be his late wife Lucretia. Time seems to have stopped after his death, many of the local villagers still bear the pain of losing a dear friend.

Recent Events
Initial ogre conflict:
For various reasons (caravan guards, missing friends, or just terrible luck) the party was attacked and for the most part captured by raiding well organized ogres. A halfling rogue and a Sun elf swashbuckler Cyel Seadragon cooperated with the local Wood elf ranger Train in a rescue mission. It was somewhat of a success, if you ignore the swashbuckler nearly losing a foot to a direwolf and the odd combination of the halfling lower the elf through the tent via rope. However, it seems their escape was noticed by the ogre in charge who went by the name Orgoth. He was seen conversing with an Orc dressed in priestly raiments (possibly a diplomat) right before ambushing the party. After a gruesome battle with his vanguard the party very narrowly escaped death and manage to overcome their attackers. They took the powerful tools the foes were using and fled into the night hoping to gain a lead before search parties were formed.

From there they decided to strike back after laying to rest the pursuing search teams, in hopes of ridding the menance once and for all. They met with marginal success slaying the remaining troops and ransacking the warchiefs abode. Unfortunately for them the warchief was not on the top of the food chain and they were swiftly ambushed by the true leader of the Ogre raiders, a brawny well spoken Ogre by the name of Orgoth. The wood elf guide Train sought to fell him in one blow and end the conflict now but was quickly dispatched. Orgoth granted the party 2-ten days to prepare for the invasion, as he wanted to enjoy a challenge, “Since squashing ants would not be a befitting sacrifice to Kesson Rel”.

From there the party journeyed to the home of the local druid Cain and eventually to the hamlet of Neferander to lick their wounds and seek direction. While in the town of Neferander the group was attacked by a long range crossbow sniper. The bolts fired were silver and carried a poison deadly to shapeshifters, at this time the party discovered the wood elf ranger was more than he seemed when he began to partially transform due to the grievous injuries. The party then split up, one group to track down the assailants and the other to venture to a nearby town and look for an alchemical cure.



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