Elemental Isle Nihl

Isle description

The Elemental Isles are aptly named due to the naturally occurring elemental phenomena found all over the mainland. The isle sits a crossroads for many geomagnetic ley lines and has poles scattered about the isles where each individual element is the most concentrated. This gives the island a very exotic feel as you have deserts, glaciers, plains, and jungles all side by side. People who live close to poles have been observed to have traits and sometimes powers related to the elements. Children are born with ability to influence fire, bend the wind, and part the water, a rare blessing indeed that becomes more common the closer towns are to the elemental poles.

The Nihl moniker comes from the innate propensity for annihilation it’s inhabitants have. Civilizations rise and fall in scant matters of time, those that survive are in a constant state of war as evident by the Hobgoblin Nation Valinor and the Human Empire Delhume. The fledgling city of Wyndeis has been leveled and rebuilt no less than 3 times in the past decade and it’s people constantly prepare themselves for the annual Giant invasion. The ruler of the Jani kingdom to the south lives in decadence as it’s hierarchy and laws continue to dissolve the state into a place of total anarchy, while the Beastmen to the north wage constant war with anything that moves, frequently each other as war between the clans has gone back for generations. Lastly, to the far north the Elven kingdoms and a number of elder human settlements have been entirely subjugated by the Dragons they once revered. Certainly this is a place of entropy where the world appears to balanced on a knife’s edge. This is where you come in. As not only an adventurer, but one blessed by fate you have the potential to bring order to this chaotic world, or perhaps to full unleash the chaos broiling under the surface. You may rule nations and you may squash them, you may slay the Tyrant Dragon’s to the north or perhaps you will become one. The choice is yours should you live long enough to leave a mark on the world.

Main Land
The main land is where most of the conflicts arise, the various islands scattered off the coast still have their troubles but none of a scale quite as large as the dysfunctional mainland. The mainland can be split up into three sections, the Middle kingdoms, the Scaly North, and the Unending desert to the south.

Middle Kingdoms:
Geographic Landmarks: In the center of the mainland lies the Mountain that Meets the Heavens (MtMtH), a gargantuan mountain whose summit goes well beyond the cloud line. Giant populate the mountain, with the hill giants taking up the very bottom, and the storm giants taking the summit for themselves. Fire Giants run a forge deep in the base of the mountain.
To the west of the MtMtH are the Ice Floes, a large glacier jutting out of the mainland broken up by numerous crevices. A few frontier towns are scattered about it, the most notable, Artica, was started by a team of archeologists exploring the depths of a particularly old fissure.
Surrounding the MtMtH are a number of wooded areas. The northern half is of a temperate climate and stretches all the way to the West coast. The frontier town Neferander is located here with the Township of the Iron Satyr further north. An Elven Enclave and a few druid circles can be found in the forest as well as the Unicorn Run a section of the forest said to be protected by a Majestic Unicorn. It is said on full moons a castle in the sky appears and giants descend from their castle to hunt anything still in the woods.
The southern half of the Mountain is surrounded by dense humid jungle. Known as the Verdant Expanse supposedly the elemental pole of Wood can be found as well as tribal halflings riding giant owls. Locals and their tall tales huh?

The middle kingdoms are home to a number of nations. The Hobgoblin Nation of Valinor and Delhume reside close to the east coast. The two have been at war for as long as they’ve existed. This changed recently when the northern portion of the Delhume empire was taken over by the Tyrant Dragon Akatsurn. Since then the Hobgoblins have withdrawn their forces and instead trains them daily, meanwhile the kingdom of Delhume has been organizing it’s southern section to hopefully repel the Serpent invader.
The kingdom of Wyndeis resides to the south of the Mountain that meets the heavens. Inbetween it and the mountain is a truly ancient battleground, no one knows how long ago the battle was fought or what it was fought over, but the bones of many races lie there.
To the northeast of the mountain and north of Valinor and Delhume is a Necropolis that grows larger with each passing month. The sky is colored dark while inside it and the living slowly have the life sucked out of them by the environment provided it’s undead predators don’t get to them first. It is said the deep center is ruled by a council of vampires and the outlying keeps are ruled by independent Death Knights and Liches. Each year as part of the Peace treaty with the Hobgoblins the Wyndesians stage a military campaign straight into the heart of the Necropolis. They have yet to reach the center but they get closer and closer and have killed more than a few Death Knights and Liches along the way.
To the Northwest are the confederation of free cities, with Freeport and Freehaven the largest cities. Furthest north there is a dense wood on either side of the canal that cuts through the main land. Here the Beastmen make their home. When not engaging in clan disputes they make an excellent buffer between the middle kingdoms and the Scaly North. For some reason the dragons avoid any confrontation with the Beastmen.

Scaled North:
The north was originally almost entirely kingdoms raised by the Elven folk. After centuries of warfare something drastic happened. The Eladrin Island Kingdom Tel’anon was ripped from this plane of reality by what would become the Drow, in it’s place was Shaterra an island where demons walk and even the ocean becomes the color of blood. Sickened by what they could become the remaining non-drow elves decided to forfeit their independence and granted Dragon kind whom they once revered and allied with as their new masters known as the serpent sovereigns. All was well but over the years the Dragons became corrupt with power. Soon the benovelent scaled rulers turned tyrants and enslaved their people, those that resisted were put down. A revolution was started against them, you can read about it in detail on the Elven folk racial page.

The kingdom of Falchonia also used to reside here. It was a safe haven for both human and elves and it held the highest half-elf population in all the Isles. It was a peaceful nation and the former adventurers who founded it wielded enough might to make the Serpent Sovereigns think twice about attacking. Unfortunately when they Drow were exiled they needed a new homeland, not content to carve out a place for themselves they sought to steal one. And so in one bloody knight those in charge of Falchonia were slaughtered in a mass Drow raid. Few escaped, it’s citizens spread to the four corners of the world and Falchonia now remains a painful memory for many refugees. Falchonia is not completely lost, the wooded areas are home to the Saurials who act as freedom fighters for the enslaved elves. When the kingdom fell they welcomes survivors with open arms and soon began plotting the second revolution they would be instrumental in.

At the farthest North part of the world lies Icewind Dales and the giant crystal spire that houses the Elemental pole of Radiance. The towns live nestled under the spire’s shadow and fish in the surrounding lakes for rare knuckle-bone trout and export that to the south. It is a fairly lawless place with scoundrels and barbarians everywhere. It is also the first place the PC’s visited.

Unyielding Desert:
The kingdom of Jani is the closest civilization to the middle kingdoms. Founded by outcast Genasi on the principle of kingdom free of judgment it has fallen into disarray. Here Genasi rule and live in decadence, Efreet and Djinn form their elite royal guard eating any that irritate them. The middle class is comprised of massive merchant cartels while the rest are an impoverished servant class, taken advantage of by the Merchant families and ignored by the who care only for their debauchery now.

Past Jani is the Desert of Death that seems to stretch on forever. No one in this lifetime has managed to cross it but it is said there is a paradise the likes of which none have ever experienced at the other end.

Safisszes: abode of the Lizard Folk
Daiichi: Island of the Samurai
Unnamed Island: Where Dinosaurs roam
Pirate’s Cove
Shaterra: Island within the demon rift



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