Elemental Isle Nihl

Big Trouble in Little Icewind Dale

Arc Synopsis

The gang went looking for lucrative work up in the Northlands. They met with Jazael the Governor’s daughter to find out the details of the proposed work. They accepted the task of rescuing the Governor from the clutches of the dragonspawn and to stop the attacks on the town. Along the way they discovered the Governor’s advisor had been a homunculus and discovered a mysterious man with a butterfly masking performing alchemic experiments and possibly the source of the homunculi.

After repelling a dragonspawn invasion the adventurers set out looking for lair of these creatures. Along the way they met a tenacious warrior fighting a Remorhaz which they soon discovered had superheated blood running through it’s veins. They rescued the warrior, dubbed him Phoenix Knight and traveled to his caveside abode to rest and recuperate. The party managed to convince him to come along with them on their expedition due mostly due to his hatred of dragonkind.

Upon reaching they cave they encountered numerous kobolds, dragonspawn, and an actual white dragon itself. In the farthest depths of the cavern complex they happened upon an evil sorceress who divulged some of her grandscheme before initiating combat and being waylaid by her animated statues of DOOM. The adventurers claimed victory that day and found out the masked man had been the main orchestrator of these events, and that he was seeking something inside the giant crystalline monolith in the center of Icewind Dale’s lake. They uncovered a crystal key, presumably for gaining entrance to the monolith, and then Governor but also set off a trap causing the caves to begin collapsing. They made it out with the skin of their teeth and journeyed back to Icewind Dales.

Upon arrival the group turned over the Governor received their reward and began planning their expedition into the crystalline monolith. They went by boat and when they were within 50ft of the monolith the key began resonating and created a rainbow bridge up to a doorway some 60ft in the air. They inserted the key into the door causing both the door and key to disintegrate. It was then that the masked man and his Eagle type homonculus, who had been waiting for the adventurers to do all the work for them, ambushed the part and captured the Governor and his daughter (Jazael). The party was severely wounded before defeating the Eagle-type. The archer had fallen unconscious into the water’s below, the Phoenix Knight dove in after him, Dances with Foxes sustained a number of broken bones from the masked man, and the remaining group members were worse for fail. The 3 group members still on the bridge made it inside the monolith before the Eagle-type exploded destroying the bridge. They now stand within an alien structure with a powerful adversary nearby….



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