Elemental Isle Nihl

Mysteries of the Isles

Mysterious Forces:
Many a strange thing occur on the Isles, here are a few of the major ones.

Elemental Poles

Elemental Poles:
The isles gain their Elemental name from the numerous Elemental Poles that dot the landscape and various geomagnetic leylines that run underground. Man time the poles are represented by a single large structure directly linked to their element. Whether it be a giant crystalline spire for the pole of Radiance or a massive ancient tree for the pole of wood, or the ancient volcano for the pole of fire, the poles generally reside in places of great power where their particular element is at it’s strongest.

Cheating Death

“Arise Warrior, your duty remains yet unfulfilled.”

Children of the Apocalypse


Wyndeis, city of Spires and Bloodlines

Location: South of the great mountain and field of bones. To the east lie the Elven/Eladrin Retreat and the Halfling tribes, and to the south east lies the territory of Janni.

Free Nations

There are two major cities completely ruled by the voices of their people. Free-Port and Freehaven.

The First Elemental Pole

The party regroups and enters the Crystalline monolith..

Main features: Large tower with spiral staircase leading to the top some 200 feet high. In the center of the tower is a crystalline stalagmite/tite with a glowing ball of light similar to the sun in the center, this is the core I suppose. Damage to the core will cause wacky things to happen, such as bursts of light blasts firing at random, as well as causing the light antibodies to target the agressor.

Light Antibodies – Little whirling light balls HP 25&45 Initiative +4 Defense 15 Fort 14 Ref 17 Will 21 Attack – +6 Tackle 1d6+4, +8 Light beam R5 1d8+6 Radiant The beefier version have +2 hit and damage Absorb radiant damage.

Big Trouble in Little Icewind Dale
Arc Synopsis

The gang went looking for lucrative work up in the Northlands. They met with Jazael the Governor’s daughter to find out the details of the proposed work. They accepted the task of rescuing the Governor from the clutches of the dragonspawn and to stop the attacks on the town. Along the way they discovered the Governor’s advisor had been a homunculus and discovered a mysterious man with a butterfly masking performing alchemic experiments and possibly the source of the homunculi.

Overcoming Hiatus

The next session will be whenever I have free time during the week (which surprisingly happens to be a Monday, or whenever Zach has free time on a weekend. So whenever the stars align look forward to your weekly D&D fix.


Lucrative Adventures in Icewind Dales

You’re entrenched in debt and you can barely afford the clothes on your back or the weapons on your belt. You spot a flier with promises of ‘odd jobs’ and ‘highly rewarding’. With no other get rich quick schemes in sight you hop onto the first barge heading towards Icewind Dales.


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