The next step in our D&D Campaign.

COMPLETED ARC: Big trouble in little Icewind Dale.

COMPLETED ARC: Escape from the Hobgoblin’s colliseum. Or in Tyler’s case, became brainwashed into a void cultist, “One of us, brotherrrrrrrrrr”.

COMPLETED ARC: Conclusion of the Iron Satyr

Revisiting failed plot lines Arc: Ogre Invasion / Thanatos’ Ambition.

Setting: Elemental Isles Check the adventure log for more detail on specific locales on the isle.

To do list: Stat up a Dinosaur Warlock. Dinosaur Warlock with his FlavaFlava-esque clock practices chronomancy allowing him to travel back in time. Unfortunately this usually results in Dinosaur Warlock fighting himself in a titanic brawl or eating more people.

Elemental Isle Nihl

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