Damn Lucky {Defense} [Fortune] & [Catastrophe]
Special: # LP / Day = M
Initial – Better Lucky Than Dead, Talent, Bonus Talent if purchased at first level: Lady Luck Be Kind!
Ex 3 – More Luck than Skill, Talent
Ex 5 – Advantageous Avoidance, Talent
Ex 6 – Talent, Bonus Talent if you have all preceding expansions
Ex 7 – Unbelievably Luck, Talent
Ex 9 – Talent, Talent

Better Lucky Than Dead – +2 LP, Spend a Luckpoint to use your second wind immediately after being reduced to zero or fewer hit points. This does not count against your standard number of Second winds per day.
Lady Luck Be Kind! – Free action, once per turn you may flip a coin, on a success gain a luck point, on a failure lose a luck point.
More Luck than Skill (CS) – Add M to skill level 1LP.
Advantageous Avoidance (CS) Spend 2 LP as an immediate action to negate a successful attack roll. Usable once per round.
Unbelievably Luck +3LP, +3 to Defense whenever you still have one LP left. Reroll any one saving throw per turn for 1 LP.

Damn Lucky
Favored Soul – + 3 LP.
Fortune Smiles Upon Us {Critical} – When you or an ally critical they gain one temporary fate point and you gain a temporary Luck Point.
Fortune Favors the Bold {Critical, Rapid} – On a critical hit you may make an additional attack at no additional penalty once per round. Req. Fortune Smiles Upon Us.
Ricochet {Critical, Ranged, Rapid} – If you critical on a ranged attack you can immediately make another attack against any opponent within 5 squares, with a -5 to their defense. Special: If you have Unbelievable Luck this power becomes At-will.
Lucky Day {Critical} – Spend 7 Luck points, all of your allies are considered to critically succeed on all actions for this round. Req. Unbelievable Luck.
Goddess Blessing – + 4 LP. Immunity to critical misses (may still use Catastrophic Success) and critical hits. Req. Unbelievable Luck, Favored Soul and one other talent from Fortune.
Duck Fate {Mortal Wound} – 2LP, When an attack would deal your bloodied value or greater in damage you may flip a coin. Success: The attack deals 1 damage, Failure: The attack deals half damage. Req. Lady Luck Be Kind.

Jinxed – When you lose a LP choose a target within range, that target has a minus M to their next die roll. Req. Lady Luck Be Kind.
Lucky Shot – +1 Critical Threat Range, Cumulative, cannot be doubled. This talent can be taken multiple times.
Calamity – {Interrupt} When you are targeted by an area effect attack you may move any number of squares you have remaining towards the nearest group of unfriendly minions.
Catastrophic Success {Critical} – Transform a critical miss into a critical hit 1LP.
Master of Disaster {Critical} – An enemy critical misses or critical hits you. Spend a luck point and instead that attack is redirected to another adjacent enemy or the enemy himself. Req. Catastrophic Success, Advantageous Avoidance.
The Odds are in my Favor – Before or after an attack you may spend Luck Points up to your M rating to either increase your critical threat range or decrease an attackers with one luck point equaling one increment in threat range.
One in a million shot – Before you make an attack you may spend a number of luck points equal to M to improve your odds of hitting. For each luck point you spend you roll an additional d20, take the d20 with the highest value to use for your attack roll. Req. The Odds are in my Favor
Roll the Bones {Critical} – On a critical hit you may choose to enter a double or nothing game. If you choose to make an additional attack roll and succeed you increase your critical multiplier by one. On a failure the attack becomes a critical miss (Catastrophic Success still applies). You may attempt this no more than twice for each critical hit.
Catastrophic blow – After you achieve a critical hit roll the attack again, if you hit the targets defense repeat the reroll process. Each reroll that hits the target gives you an additional die of damage, the maximum number of bonus dice you can receive is equal to your mastery M. Req. Roll the bones.
Devils Own Luck {Critical} – 1LP Critically succeed on your next action, with the drawback that the following action will be a critical failure. Special: If you have Unbelievable Luck then this power becomes an At-will.


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