Elemental Isle Nihl

Township of the Iron Satyr

Towering above the center of this moderately sized town lies a giant statue standing 30 ft tall and composed entirely of iron. The townsfolk have been busy laying about odd stone arrangements for the past tenday at the direction of the recent successor to the temple of Ealira (Knowledge Religion DC 20), Viela. They are supervised by a dusky skinned always scowling overseer by the name of Murdaget.

Something seemed odd about the situation yet before the PC’s could investigate they were drawn into a dilapidated church when a boy came running out begging for help before crumbling to dust.


Here’s a few God’s that I find interesting and makeup the current pantheon. Feel free to add some suggestions.


Neferander known as Hearth’s Edge in the common tongue but only recently nicknamed the hamlet of grief. It was the first town you came across after exiting the great wood. The sleepy town is about the size of hamlet (a tiny village)with a few farms lying on the outskirts of the main parts of town. There are two entrances to the town, one coming from the forest, which is guarded by an impressive set of walls roughly 25ft in height and a massive oak doors. The other involves traveling through the market and leads to a path going through the mountains, this would be the path half the party (Tyler, Felicia, and Sean) took when the crossbow sniper attacked the village.

Isle description

The Elemental Isles are aptly named due to the naturally occurring elemental phenomena found all over the mainland. The isle sits a crossroads for many geomagnetic ley lines and has poles scattered about the isles where each individual element is the most concentrated. This gives the island a very exotic feel as you have deserts, glaciers, plains, and jungles all side by side. People who live close to poles have been observed to have traits and sometimes powers related to the elements. Children are born with ability to influence fire, bend the wind, and part the water, a rare blessing indeed that becomes more common the closer towns are to the elemental poles.

The Impenetrable Fortress of the Tyrant Dragon
De Rag Lair

The party has decided to confront and usurp the unjust rule of the Tyrant Dragon. To do so they must journey North from the city of Limdul to the beasts massive lair. His lair lies in the mountains to the north with an entrance nearly a mile in diameter. The party must decide whether to come in from the front and descend into the depths, or try to find an entrance shaft from above while avoiding the bursts of super heated gas.

The Main Entrance, slopes down incredibly fast. It seems nearly impossible to walk down, you’d be force to jump from rock outcropping to the next, or simply slide down the sandy expanse.

Begin GM Only Descriptions

Superman or..Super Visor??!?

We have sent our only son across the sea on the last departing ship to the land of the yellow sun. We can only hope that he will live a better life than he will here, and will not have to face the hardships and ever present annihilation that our people face. His name is Aeon, and his birthplace is the capitol, Wyndia. As we write this, our city is ablaze and giants walk among it’s spires destroying everything we’ve built these last ten years. Day be day, we pray to the Platinum Dragon, and even to Ladon the ancient dragon god, patron of travelers, to rescue us from our plight. So far our prayers have come unanswered. It is our fondest hope, that one day our son, who has grown into the finest of men, will return and bring back peace and unity to our people. He has a great destiny that lies ahead of him, do not tell him all of this until he has come of age, we do not want his life to be clouded with vengeance.

-G. S. Kai
-G. L. Nadia

Ok, so...
There we where...

Ok, so. We were walking in a forest…maybe it was a dungeon. No! It was a dungeon forest! And….out poped a dragon, a crazy dragon. And he was scary and he was coming right at us! Visor’s vorpal sword goes snicker snap and wack! Off came the dragons head! And candy starting shooting from its head!

{Tyler’s recurring nightmare}


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