Neeba the Dragon Slayer

Example Character also a possible pregen


Stats: Str 9 Dex 19 Con 16 Int 18 Wis 11 Cha 9
Traits: High born (Well educated), Brave (Immune to fear), Weapon bond bow (Dex)
Character Class: Archer Heroic Potential: Busou Renkin
Base Attack Bonus +6/+1 for Ranged Weapons +10/+5 Base Defense Bonus +7

Hit Points (1d4+4+Con[+3])x7 + Con score + 8 = 90 Reserve Pool = MAX HP = 90

Skills = (4+Int[+4]+Highborn[+1])x4 + (4+Int[+4]+Highborn[+1])x7 = 99
Maximum skill ranks =3+LVL=11 Skill groups: Athletics 11, Agility 11, Perception 11
Decipher Script 11, Bluff 11, Gather Information 11, Perform 11, Hide 11, Move Silently 11;

Class Features Aim (Token Pool Max of 18), Deadeye shotx4 (Deadly shot, Disrupting Shot, Armor Piercing Shot, Storm of Arrows), Bonus Featx2 (Projectile only);
Defense Mastery: 4 Finesse Mastery 3 Projectile Mastery 5 Other 1

Feats:1st Lvl(2+HP)- Precise Shot, Arms Alchemy(IHP&II),
2nd Lvl (1+Bonus) – Point Blank shot, Improved Initiative,
4th Lvl (1) – Arms Alch(III); 5th Lvl (Heroic Potential) – Arms Alchemy(Ex4)
6th Lvl(1+bonus+Human) – Arms Alch.(Ex4), Precise Shot(Ex4), Blitz(1)
8th(1) – Point Blank Shot (Ex3)

Abilities: Within 30ft ranged weapons +1 Hit, +5 damage (Point Blank), Ignore penalties to firing into melee (Precise), Increase critical multiplier by 1 (Precise shot Ex4), Gain an extra attack at your highest Base Attack Bonus (BAB) during a full attack but all attacks have a -2 penalty (Rapid shot)
+3 to Initiative and may reroll (Improved Initiative & Quickdraw), +1 and +1d6 dmg against flatfooted opponents or if your initiative is 10 points higher than an enemies (Blitz and Quickdraw), Trick shot – As a part of skill challenge (Agility) you may negate an enemies cover in addition to the normal benefits of success (Arms Alch. Trait), Start an encounter with 2 tokens (Arms Alch. minor trait.)

Combat Stats
HP: 90 Bloodied: 45 Reserve: 90 Fast Healing 6 (up to bloodied) Initiative +7 Luck Points: 4 Fate Points 8 Damage Reduction: 1d4/Magic
Defence = 10 + 7 (Class) + 4 (Dex) = 21 Blitz +1d6
Base Saves = 2 + Half Lvl =6 Fortitude= 16+3=19 Reflex= 16+4=20 Will= 16
Attacks: Mech Bow +15/+10 or +13/+13/+8 (+1 within 30ft, +1 if Flat Footed) to hit
1d8 + Dex + Enhancement + (5 if within 30ft, +d6 if Flat Footed) = 1d8 + 5 + (5) Critical hit on roll of 20 for x4 damage.

(1+)Armor Piercing Shot – You may reduce your targets Damage reduction by 1 for each Aim Token you spend.
(2)Deadly Shot – Gain a bonus +2 to damage on your target by spending 2 tokens
(1+)Disrupting shot – Dex vs Fort, Success: Deal no damage but target takes a penalty to attack rolls equal to the number of Tokens spent.
(0+)Unerring Shot – Dex+Tokens Spent vs Ref or Opponent loses his Active bonus to defense against your attack which would allow you to apply sneak attack damage.

Explosive arrows (Arms Alchemy) – Standard Action add 3 dice (d8) to your normal ranged attack, Creatures within a number of squares equal to your Mastery level M (5) Dex+1 vs Ref Success: receive half damage {Support ability} – If you have purchased Blast orbs you may use one for the purposes of the attack which will change the damage type of the attack (frost, acid, etc.)

Blood Red Oath – Usable when bloodied, you may use any amount of your reserve pool as temporary HP. Your enhancement bonus increases to +3, which increases your attacks and damage by 2 each. Your fast healing becomes 8.

Equipment: Leather Armor (Zilarden Leaves), +4 {Alchemical} Mech Bow (Range 110), 80 arrows, Adventurers kit (Sunrodsx2, Backpack, Bedroll, Silk Rope, assorted useful stuff), Climbers kit, Blast Orb Lvl 1 Fire x 10, Blast Orb Lvl 1 Electricity x 10,

25,000 – 14,510 = 10,490


Neeba the Dragon Slayer

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