Cyel Seadragon

Swashbucklery arena fighter


Cyel is a former sea captain and a still living Gladiator when the PC’s meet him in the Hobgoblin capital Valinor. He offers them a spot on his team explaining that his partner died in the last match and hes in need of a few mates, a crew even. Dances with Foxes signs a contract to work with Cyel. The contract can be seen below.

1. No backstabbing/betrayals. 2. Unconditioned loyalty, follow me into the dragons maw. 3. No cowardice. 4. Guard my back and I’ll guard yours. 5. No attempting to indirectly kill me. 6. No diseases, I run a clean ship. 7. Laugh at my jokes. 8. If at some point we are deserted on a desert Island you WILL NOT burn my rum or other alcohol, actually no destroying alcohol period. 9. If we are chased by monsters you are bound by this contract to run slower than me. 10. Should, through adventuring, any illegal activities take place no bounties may be collected on current group members. 11. At no point are you to fall in love with me then become jealous of my sexy escapades.

Violating any of these rules will result in the contracted party becoming my complete slave and following all my orders without question. This contract has a length of 5 years or until both parties are no longer forced to participate in arena combat, whichever is longer.

After earning their freedom in the arena in a heated battle against recent friends the party heads to a small seaport. Cyel procures a ship and off they sail towards the City of Free Port. Unfortuantely for the party another ship waylays them along the way. Hurling fireballs they soon catch the Cyel’s ship on fire and the party makes a desperate move to board the enemy ship and commandeer it. Either by flying or riding a ballista to the other ship they board it and fight off some ferrocious dragonspawn who dive overboard and presumably swim ashore. The ship was badly damaged as the large Bluespawn Godslayer Dragonspawn destroyed much of the hull however Cyel manages to get them ashore before sinking.

Alas Cyel is shipless again. He tells the party he had planned on sailing up to Freehaven to rescue his dear Alicia but they may be impossible without a worthy ship so he has to party ways with them for now until he can acquire another ship.

Quotes: “My name is Cyel Seadragon and I’m the leading man around here. Or at least I was, a bit hard to be the lead when the rest of your entourage is dead.”

Cyel Seadragon

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