Aeon G.S.

Angelic Paladin


Concept: Angelic Paladin raised on the Island of Samurai he was banished over religious feud. His mentor left with him a letter that speaks of his birthplace and lineage, somewhere in the capital city of Wyndeis on the mainland.

Ability Scores:
Vigor 4d6
Agility 3d6
Perception 4d6
Wisdom 4d6
Intelligence 3d6
Charisma 6d6

Race: Human
Origin: Radiant
Patron Deity: Bahamut
Traits: Mighty Build, Multi-talented, (Bonus) Child of Faith


Character Paths:
A: Paladin

  • I: Detect Evil, Lay on Hands, Smite
  • Ex3: Divine Grace, Special Mount
    B: Weapon of Legacy
  • I: Forge the Pact, Call the Blade, Basic Property: Keen
  • Ex2: Enhanced Property: Sharpness, Talent
    Heroic Potential: Celestial Heritage
  • I: Glide, Conduit, Angelic Features
  • Ex3: Fiend Slayer, Eyes of Light

Racial Bonus Feat: Power 1 point → Cleave

Equipment: Diviner: Large Joovar, Fever Iron Plate Mail, 10x Masterwork I Javelins, Morning Star MW I. Adventurers kit, holy vestments, holy water x5, Cloak of Displacement

Combat Statistics
HP/Reserve Lvlxd10
Wounds: Vgr

Fort 10 + 1 + Vgr + 1
Ref 10 + 1 + 0.5Per +1
ActR +0Agi +Cloak
Will 10 + 1 + Wis + 1

Damage Reduction:
Physical: Platemail
Radiant: Celestial
Shadow: Celestial

Attack: BCB + Prof + Vgr + Ench + Feat + CP
Damage: Base Weapon + BCB + Vgr + Ench + Feat + CP
Critical Range: (Per)xKeen + Weapon


Aeon G.S.

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