Elemental Isle Nihl

Wyndeis, city of Spires and Bloodlines

Location: South of the great mountain and field of bones. To the east lie the Elven/Eladrin Retreat and the Halfling tribes, and to the south east lies the territory of Janni.

Description of architecture: The town is composed of two areas, the low city and upper city. The upper city is located in the center and as it’s name begets it is located at a high elevation due to it’s residents winged nature. The upper city is surrounded by a massive unbroken wall that rises some 50 ft in height. The low city bears similar architecture and stone work as to the high city, a number of spires that reach low clouds are located here and form connecting bridges high above to some of the locales in the upper city. Below the upper city lies the remnants of past civilizations and older ages. Adventurers are frequently employed to delve into it’s depths in search of knowledge of the city’s past. Basic History: Advanced History: Social Relations:

Origin Story: In the legends of the people it is said that Wyndeis once worshiped the Dragon God Laden and because of this they became staunch allies with the nomadic Dragon Clan who are said to be the favorite children of Laden. During what historians call the first cycle the Dragon God Laden was killed and from his body rose two opposing gods, Bahamut and Tiamat who embody Law and Chaos respectively. During this time of Turmoil Wyndeis faced it’s greatest enemy. The Storm Giant King Ananzu had gathered all the giant tribes, hill, stone, fire, frost, and cloud under one banner and promised a flight of dragons the spoils of war as he began his march on the capital city leading the army atop his Two Headed Dragon which rent the sky asunder in it’s passing. The Wyndesians sent word to their allies the Dragon Clan who had regrettably gone into obscurity ever since the death of Laden. Faced with an overwhelming enemy and seemingly no help all seemed lost to the Wyndesians as the Giants breached the outer wall of their city.

In their desperation the people prayed to Bahamut in place of his father Laden and promised their fealty to him. In return the young Dragon God listened to their pleas and intervened. He sent his eldest metallic dragons to retrieve the Dragon Clan so that they may fulfill their duty and he sent an army of battle wyrms and felldrakes to aid the beleaguered Wyndesians. As the draconic army fended off the invading Giants the metallic dragons carrying the Dragon Clan swooped from the skies to rout the dragon forces. While the metallic dragons began strafing runs on the surprised giants the Dragon Clan called upon their ancestral powers, some donning the armor of dragoons while others assumed the forms of dragons themselves. The Dragon Clan were responsible solely for turning away the Flight of Dragons the Storm Giant King Ananzu had brought with him. On that day Bahamut rewarded his newfound followers for it was their Faith that gave him the power to intervene. The Wyndesians were given the power of flight, growing wings and gaining qualities of the celestial archons while the Dragon Clan were given a small paradise hidden away so that they may always have a home to return to (the original home of the Dragon Clan had been wiped in the fighting between Bahamut and Tiamat). From then the residents of Wyndeis have worshiped Bahamut almost exclusively and in return the bloodlines of the faithful have been running with celestial energy giving their descendants magnificent powers with the power of flight being the most splendid.



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