Elemental Isle Nihl

The First Elemental Pole

The party regroups and enters the Crystalline monolith..

Main features: Large tower with spiral staircase leading to the top some 200 feet high. In the center of the tower is a crystalline stalagmite/tite with a glowing ball of light similar to the sun in the center, this is the core I suppose. Damage to the core will cause wacky things to happen, such as bursts of light blasts firing at random, as well as causing the light antibodies to target the agressor.

Light Antibodies – Little whirling light balls HP 25&45 Initiative +4 Defense 15 Fort 14 Ref 17 Will 21 Attack – +6 Tackle 1d6+4, +8 Light beam R5 1d8+6 Radiant The beefier version have +2 hit and damage Absorb radiant damage.



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