Elemental Isle Nihl

Mysteries of the Isles

Mysterious Forces:
Many a strange thing occur on the Isles, here are a few of the major ones.

Contracts: For some reason contracts appear to be especially binding in the Isles. Those who break verbal agreements appear to have bad luck befall them. Even worse are those that break signed contracts. Usually contracts have failure clauses at the end with absurd and sometimes delusional punishments at the end. Skeptics scoff at this but the superstitious know better than to ignore them. Those that break written contracts have a bad tendency to succumb to most of the failure clauses written. Still, some argue that it’s nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy and it’s all simply coincidence. But are you really willing to take the risk?

End of the World: Ships set sail from one coast and make it to the other in a matter of days. The ships approach what appears to be a giant wall of stormy clouds. After they enter it they appear on the other side of the world with no memory of what occurs in that storm wall or even how much time has passed. It sure makes travel times fast, but it does nothing for the faint of heart.

SpellFire: Every one in a million of the population is blessed with the gift or curse of spellfire. Spellfire allows the user to absorb magical energies and unleash it in a blast of pure burning magic resembling white hot silvery flames. Such a power does not go unnoticed and anyone displaying such a talent will soon have evil wizards hunting them down hoping to gain the power for themselves. These cabals of wizards place absurdly high bounties on anyone displaying such power so even ordinary townsfolk won’t hesitate to rat you out. Of course spellfire is so obscenely rare that many scholars regard it simply as a myth.



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