Elemental Isle Nihl

Elemental Poles

Elemental Poles:
The isles gain their Elemental name from the numerous Elemental Poles that dot the landscape and various geomagnetic leylines that run underground. Man time the poles are represented by a single large structure directly linked to their element. Whether it be a giant crystalline spire for the pole of Radiance or a massive ancient tree for the pole of wood, or the ancient volcano for the pole of fire, the poles generally reside in places of great power where their particular element is at it’s strongest.

Those living near the poles tend to align themselves with it’s chosen elements in both personality and the supernatural. Those with a strong force of will can manifest certain powers such as lightning torches, freezing water, or causing plants to grow. The Genasi are born to those blessed by the elemental poles with the ability to bend their particular element to their will. Often times the poles may grant them the powers of the chosen. Fierce elemental power in return for the defense of their benefactor.

Most Nations were built on or near one of the elemental poles. Some nations can even bend the power of the poles to their aid. The City State of Wyndeis is built on top the elemental pole of air and they are able to change the direction and intensity of the wind such that enemy missile weapons even siege weapons are ineffective while their artillery strikes can reach even greater range and force.
Legend states that each pole signifies a place where an ancient primordial was vanquished and sealed. Should a pole be destroyed the primordial would rise again to ravage the land. The Children of the Apocalypse seek to destroy the poles based on this very legend.

Estimated Pole location.
Radiance – Far in the Icy North near Icewind Dales
Fire – To the far south near the desert kingdom of Jani, presumably in the large frequently angry volcano
Air – The city state of Wyndeis
Nature – In the ancient wood surrounding the Earth Pole
Earth – The Mountain that meets the heavens
Frost – The Icefloes would be the most obvious choice Lightning – Somewhere above the Earth Pole
Shadow – Somewhere in the deep underground expanse known as the Underdark, it is said to be constantly moving.
Water – Somewhere off the coast, many rumor the Sorcerer’s of the Iron Tower built their residence nearby to guard the pole.



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